2017 ACC Family Easter Party


Date & Time:
Cost:Children (3-10 years old) NT$450; Adults NT$240
Booking Starts:Fri, Mar 10, 2017, 17:00
This event does not count toward your F&B Monthly Minimum Amount.

As spring approaches, what do you think the Bunny Rabbit will bring??

Grab the basket for Easter FUN! The Easter bunny is on his way and ACC will prepare all the activities –

  • Egg Hunting (ACC will prepare the bigger and North American Egg Hunting in the Bei-An Park. These colorful eggs will contain candy, toys, ice cream vouchers; and the gold eggs will have some special prizes inside!! The Egg Hunt will be very exciting this year!)
  • Egg Rolling Competition
  • Draw Easter Eggs
  • Easter Performance
  • Easter Arts & Crafts
  • Many Easter Candies!!



  1. If it rains, the egg hunt venue will be moved to the poolside corridor or the Game Room.
  2. ACC will not provide food this year, therefore, we also encourage you to book early for lunch in our other outlets or the ACC Easter Sunday Brunch.



  • Sign up deadline is Monday, April 10; Cancel before 10:00 am, April 13, to avoid charges.
  • For more details, please call ACC Marcom team at 02 2885 8260 ext. 488 for Sabrina or 478 for Sylvia

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