2017 ACC Spring Tennis Tournament (Expired)

Date & Time:
Location:Tennis Courts
This event does not count toward your F&B Monthly Minimum Amount.


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Rules and Entry Form


(All players are invited and advised to attend. Priority match scheduling goes to those attending the party)

  • All entries MUST be submitted by 12:00 noon on Wednesday, April 12, 2017.
  • Draw will be held on Thursday, April 13 in the Chicago Room around 1:00 pm with at least 2 Tennis Committee members present.
  • Players may enter a max of 3 events.
  • Match schedules will be sent via-email and posted on the notice board.

Rounds must be completed by the following dates:

–1st Round: Thursday, April 20

–2nd Round: Saturday, April 22

–3rd Round/Quarterfinals: Tuesday, April 25

–Semifinals: Friday, April 28

–Finals Weekend: Saturday & Sunday April 29 and 30, 10:00 am – 5:00 pm. Players must be available to play on either day. Finals will not be rescheduled for personal conflict. Schedule will be posted Monday, April 24.

In case of poor weather, matches will roll over & be played within 24 hours, and for finals, will be planned for Monday, May 1. Matches played outside of Finals Weekend will not have referees supplied. Schedules once agreed upon should not be changed. If both players agree, and the match can be arranged before round deadlines, players may re-schedule their own games without the assistance of the Pro Shop. Final scheduling decisions will be made by Pro Shop instead of players in cases of non-cooperation.

–Juniors Weekend: Saturday & Sunday April 22 and 23. All 11 & Under Boy/Girl Singles and Junior Open Doubles will be

played during this weekend.


Category Format

Men’s/Ladies Singles: 8-game Pro-Set with 7-pt tie-breaker at 7-7; semifinals and finals best of three sets with a 10-pt super

tie-breaker at one set each.

Junior Singles: 8-game Pro-Set with 7-pt tie-breaker at 7-7. 18 & Under finals best of 3 sets with a 10-pt super tie-breaker at one set each.

All Doubles: 10-game Pro-Set with 7-point tie-breaker at 9-9; finals best of three sets with a 10-point super tiebreaker at one set each.

Best of 3 set matches may be shortened due to inclement weather. Events with 8+ entries will run as normal tournament format with

consolation event in all categories for 1st round losers. Events with 4-6 entries will participate in a round robin format event with no

consolation round. Events with 3 or less entries will not run.


Category Requirements

Men’s and Ladies Singles/Doubles; Mixed Doubles: Restricted to players age 18 and over.

Junior Open Doubles: Open to any gender or age under 18. Girls and boys can play against each other or can make up a mixed doubles team. Pairs may be handicapped if level of certain pairs is deemed too strong, in order to provide an equal playing field for players to enjoy their games. This event will be played on one day.


–Seeding shall be done for the main draw of each Adult category (Men’s and Ladies Singles/Doubles, Mixed Doubles) based on a modified version of standard systems used by international tennis associations. See http://www.itftennis.com/misc/page-not-found.aspx for more info.

–Seeding is based on total points earned by a player in the applicable category in the previous 2 tournaments

(2016 Fall Tennis Championship and 2016 Spring Tournament). Seedings for doubles teams shall be based on

combined points of the team members.


Points are awarded for each win as follows:





A default or retirement is a win for the non-defaulting/non-retiring party. A bye is not a win. In the event of a tie in total points

between two players in a category, seeding shall be determined by the Tournament Director based on results in other ACC competitive

events (e.g. inter-club competition), ACC ladder and league, and non-ACC competition (e.g. CTTA tournaments, etc.).

# of seeds selected: 8 seeds for draw of 32; 6 seeds for draw of 24; 4 seeds for draw of 16; 2 seeds for draw of 8

Seed placement: Seeds shall be manually placed into the draw as follows:

–Up to 4 seeds: seeds 1 & 2 shall be placed at the top and bottom of the draw and seeds 3 & 4 shall be drawn to potentially play seeds

1 & 2 in the semifinals.

–Up to 8 seeds: seeds 1 & 2 shall be placed at the top and bottom of the draw and seeds 3 & 4 shall be drawn to potentially play seeds

1 & 2 in the semifinals.

General Rules

–Multiple matches: Players should be prepared to play more than 1 match per day although stacking of matches will be avoided

wherever possible.

–Referees: The Tournament Director will be around throughout the Tournament and will act upon unsportsmanlike behavior, which

will lead to penalties or forfeiture of the match. ACC Tennis Professionals will referee all main draw finals.

–Juniors requirement: All juniors must be able to play without outside help, and are expected to know how to play matches, including

basic rules and scoring. Players will referee themselves in early rounds as ACC teaches all juniors to know the rules so they are able to

play the game without assistance or disruption, and ACC wishes to maintain this teaching throughout the events.

–Warm-up: Warm-up, including service practice, is restricted to 10 minutes.

–Late/default: A 15-minute window for arrival to all matches will be strictly enforced. Players may notify the Pro Shop if they are to

arrive late due to unforeseen circumstances and allowances may be made. Otherwise the late player will be defaulted and if 1st round,

will not be entered into the consolation. Please always allow enough time to arrive with time to spare.

–Late withdrawal/no-show: Matches cancelled less than 24 hrs before scheduled playing time and/or no shows will be an automatic

default. If a 1st round match, players will not be entered into consolation events. The fee for any defaulted matches is NT$500.

–Balls: New balls will be provided for each match. Balls should be returned to the Pro Shop after completion of match, at which time

results can be reported and next rounds scheduled.

–Spectators: Under no circumstances are spectators allowed on the court during play. Under no circumstances

(except emergency) should a player be coached by, or in communication with, a spectator during a match.

–Bad behavior: There will be a zero tolerance for bad behavior by all players.

Any questions regarding sign-up should go to the Tournament Director.

Director will have final say in any matters deemed extraordinary that applicable rules do not address.

Download the entry form, please check 2017 Spring Tennis Tourment-Rules