520 Love Science! Junior Scientist Class (Smell) – ages 2 to 5 (Expired)

Date & Time:
Location:San Francisco Room
Cost:NT$700 (one adult and one child)
Extra Adult NT$150
Booking Starts:Tue, Apr 18, 2017, 12:00
This event does not count toward your F&B Monthly Minimum Amount.

Our ACC kids loved Science Class so much during the Winter Camp and the Dinosaur Tracks class and we received many requests about the Science Classes for different ages!

This time we will have lessons to teach children from 2-12 years old by three programs which includes some original songs, great stories and some really cool experiments for ACC child and parents to do together! Only 10 couples for each program, sign up soon!!


Newton Program – Smell

Come and explore the senses with Newton Club 7 – Smell, the second in our 5 Senses Series at Dr. Sparks Junior Scientist Club. Dr. Sparks helps parents and children explore the sense of smell together in this premium English science club activity. We will use our noses to identify and describe different smells, and find out how those smells get to our noses.

Designed for kindergarten students, we will use singing, dancing, and experiments to find out more about our sense of smell. Use your sense of smell to figure out which popcorn is coconut flavored and which is butter flavored. Of course, if that fails we can always use our sense of taste. Play a game of smell matching by smelling and describing mysterious smells. Work together with your child to determine which smell is the strongest and which is the weakest.

As always, we will feature an awesome original song by Brian Funshine to have some fun learning about smells. The final experiment for the kids is to make some scratch and sniff puffy paint cards to take home. Join Dr. Sparks Junior Scientist Club for this parent/child interactive English science club event. Kids will learn that Science and English are fun, and parents will find new ways to interact and explore with their children in English.

  • Smell / Learning Objectives
  • How We Smell – How smells travel to our nose
  • Identifying Items by Their Smell
  • Finding the Correct Smell by its Description
  • Determine the Strength of a Smell
  • Puffy Smelly Paint DIY

IMG_5283 IMG_5339

The Instructor – Dr. Sparks from Dr. Sparks Junior Scientist Club

Dr. Sparks Junior Scientist Club is a creative team of EDUtrainers who is raising the bar for children’s educational entertainment in Taiwan. We are creating music, TV shows and live shows for both native English speaking and local ESL kids. Children’s music composer and EDUtainer, Brian “Funshine” Alexander, and Kenn Sparkles” Loewen from World Family have over 25 years of combined experience entertaining and educating kids in Taiwan. Dr. Sparks Junior Scientist Club offers a multicultural understanding to all the shows and programs we create.

drs floating rev        drs smells something bad revision


This is an interactive parent-child activity, so we require a minimum attendance of 14 Members (7 adult and child couples). The maximum attendance is limited to 28 Members (14 couples).

  • ACC Member Only event.
  • Please note this event is involved with outside contractors, so please understand that cancellations can be made no later than 5 days before the event day to avoid charges.

Sorry, but booking is disabled because this item is expired. If you have any questions about this please call ACC Member Services on (02) 2885-8260 or member.services@americanclub.org.tw.