Market – Jun and Jul Bread & Wines

Date & Time:
Location:ACC Market
This event does not count toward your F&B Monthly Minimum Amount.

June Monthly Bread

Rye Raisin Bread

Flour, Dried Yeast, Flour Rye, Salt, Golden Raisins NT$125



July Monthly Bread

Red Wine Cranberry Bread NT$155

Flour, Dry Yeast, Cooking Wine, Salt, Dried Cranberries


June Monthly Wines

Let’s Buy More and Get More Discount!

Item Price
1. Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc 2017 NT$1,100 1. One Bottle Sauvignon Blanc 2017+1Btl Pinot Noir 2015 Only NT$2,200
2. Buy 12 Bottles Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc Only NT$11,400and Get One Extra Bottle Free!
3. Buy 6 Bottles Cloudy Bay Pinot Noir 2015 Only NT$7,500
2. Cloudy Bay Pinot Noir 2015 NT$1,500
3. Cloudy Bay Te Koko 2014(Limited Edition) NT$2,200 1. Buy 1 Bottle Cloudy Bay Te Koko 2014+1Btl Cloudy Bay Te Wahi 2014 Only NT$3,990
2. Buy 6 Bottles Cloudy Bay Te Koko 2014 Only NT$9,600
3. Buy 6 Bottles Cloudy Bay Te Wahi 2014 Only NT$13,600
4. Cloudy Bay Te Wahi 2014(Limited Edition) NT$2,600

1.Bottle Shot - SB 2017 - JPEG012.CB - Pinot Noir - Non vintage 3.TE KOKO2014 4.TE WAHI2014


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