Outing – Visit the Tunnel of Grand Hotel (Expired)

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Location:Outside Club (check details for exact location)
Cost:ACC Member: Adults with breakfast NT$770+10%; Children NT$100+10% (aged 5-11; under 5 Free)
Guests: Adults with breakfast NT$870+10%; Children NT$150+10% (aged 5-11)
Booking Starts:Tue, Aug 28, 2018, 10:00
This event does not count toward your F&B Monthly Minimum Amount.

30546269_10156352712232905_2070894045_o    The Grand Hotel 圓山 LOGO

The Grand Hotel retains the elements of classic Chinese architecture in its building. It is not only the most splendid landmark of Taipei but representative of contemporary palatial architecture.  The beauty of the Grand Hotel lies in its Chinese architecture and classic, elegant atmosphere. The allure of the hotel is based on its legendary history and stories about the secret underground tunnels. The serenity of the hotel, moreover, is derived from its wonderful natural scenery and reclusive location from the hustles and bustles of Taipei City.

The Tunnels have been mysterious in the eyes of many. Some believe them to be secret passageways that lead to the Presidential Office, while others insist they are connected to the Shilin Official Residence. In fact, when the hotel was refurbished, they were designed to be a Tunnel for evacuating guests in cases of emergency. The Grand Hotel is the only world-class hotel with such an emergency Tunnel. The two Tunnels are respectively located on the east and west side of the hotel. The east Tunnel, which is 67 meters long, leads to Beian Park. The west Tunnel, 85 meters in length, leads to Jiantan Park.


More Architectural Beauty, please visit the Grand Hotel website via



Price includes an adult breakfast, exploring a Tunnel, visiting The Presidential Suite and viewing the Architectural Beauty of the Grand Hotel with an English/Chinese-speaking Tour guide.

Gathering Place: ACC Lobby at 8:45 am sharp

9:00 – 10:20 am Chinese Breakfast in the Golden Dragon Restaurant

10:30 – 11:10 am Hotel Tour and Tunnel Explore

11:15 am Group Photo and Finale

DSC07118 艾森豪總統套房

Breakfast Menu


Standard Chinese Tea
Raw Fish Congee
Steamed Seafood Dumpling. Steamed Shrimp Shao-Mai. Steamed Vegetarian Dumpling
Steamed Rice Roll Stuffed with Scallops and Vegetables
Deep-fried Pork Spring Roll
Pan-fried Turnip Rice Cake
Blanched Vegetables
Sweet Silver Fungus and Red Date Soup

Restricted to 35 attendees; this event requires a minimum attendance of 15 adults, if not achieved we will cancel the event.

Please note that this event is in cooperation with the Grand Hotel Management – cancellations must be completed before 8:45 am, Oct 8 to avoid charges.


For more details, please contact 02 2885-8260 ext. 488 or marcom@americanclub.org.tw

Sorry, but booking is disabled because this item is expired. If you have any questions about this please call ACC Member Services on (02) 2885-8260 or member.services@americanclub.org.tw.