Hair & Spa – A Choice of Exclusive Beauty Service Deals – Just for You!

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Location:Hair & Spa

• A Haircut Appointment entitles you to a 20% discount for an Oil or Scalp Treatment.

• A NT$1,500 Spa Pedicure comes with a complimentary calf moisture treatment.

• Gel Nail for hands NT$1000 ( Original $1,500) on selected 12 colors. The price does not include Gel removal.

• A Spa Package (Whitening Body Scrub + Cellular Vital Rejuvenating Facial Treatment + a 60 minute Oil Body Massage) – just NT$10,400 which comes with cash vouchers worth NT$3,000.

• Discounted “La Colline Star Product Package” ( Cellular Vital Serum + Extra Rich Cream + Cleansing Milk + Bio-smoothing Tonic ) NT$39,888 (original NT$60,600) which also comes with cash vouchers worth NT$10,000.

For details and to make an appointment, please call 2885-8260 ext.578 direct line 2886-5912