Hair & Spa – Head-to-Toe Specials for looking great this Summer and Beyond

Date & Time:
Location:Hair & Spa

1. Scalp Deep Clean and Oil Treatment – NT$1,200  (Original NT$1,500)

2. Scalp Deep Clean and Protein Oil Treatment –  NT$1,500  (Original NT$2,000)

(A shampoo is included in the above treatments)

3. Book a Body Whitening Scrub – NT$3,600

entitles you to an aromatherapy body massage – NT$1,400 (Original NT$2,200)

A Spa Pedicure comes with a complimentary calf moisture treatment NT$1,500

Booking any two of the ‘hair, nail or spa’ Items 1 to 4 during June, July, August entitles you to a gift. (Limited offer.)

For details and to make an appointment, please call 2885-8260 ext.578

direct line 2886-5912