FREE TRIAL Zumba by Angel Kao (Expired)

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Location:Fitness Center
Booking Starts:Wed, Sep 30, 2020, 00:00

Zumba is a fitness dance that originated in Colombia.  It is a kind of aerobic dance with vibrant Latin music style.

There is no specific dance step, just follow the instructor to stretch your body in the music, enjoy the rhythm and relax the pleasure of the body; you will leave the classroom with a smile.




Angel Kao


She is Angel Kao, a Zumba Instructor in Taiwan.  Since 2014, she has been joining in kind of Zumba classes, and before that, she didn’t have any exercise experience.  Because of the passion for Zumba, she participated in Zumba Instructor Training in 2017 and continuing to receive advanced training.

Until now, she is expert in many Zumba dance styles and obtains certifications.  She is amazing, in her class, all you have to do is just following her steps, then dance, sweat, and smile.  The biggest wish for her is to share happiness in her Zumba class, for more and more people.

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