2022 Swim Challenge PLUS Edition – 90km in 35days (Expired)

Date & Time:
Location:Swimming Pool
Cost:Free. Sign up at the Swimming Pool Office.
This event does not count toward your F&B Monthly Minimum Amount.

We are excited to bring you


90km in 35 Days

This year, we are excited to bring to you our Swim Challenge PLUS Edition – a new category that not only covers the distance through swimming laps but includes achieving the distance from the fitness fun way – Get on a bike, treadmill, or on a rowing machine! (All available at the Fitness Center)

Date Monday, April 18 to Sunday, May 22
Awards Date 7 p.m., Monday, May 23 @ the ACC
Entry Free. Sign up at the Swimming Pool Office.
Age Groups Open
*ADVANCED Total Distance: 90km
*RECREATIONAL Total Distance: 67.5km


Total Distance: 45km


  • Swimming only
  • Combine Swimming and Fitness Center Workout
Prizes 1st / 2nd / 3rd certificates and medals will be awarded for each of the three categories

Join us for this fun and enduring challenge!



Active content


  • Total Distance: 90km
  • Maximum distance per week: 18km


  • Total Distance: 67.5km
  • Maximum distance per week: 13.5km

*Challenge Plus

  • Total Distance: 45km
  • Maximum swimming distance per week: 9km (7km swimming and 2km for any machine that can count distance)
  • You will have the chance to do swimming and the rest of exercising in the gym!
  • Fitness workout at the Fitness Center is an option.

  • For each of the three categories. We will take the top three in each group.
  • All contestants can receive (2) coupons for Inbody Testing – to be used once before and after completing the challenge.

InBody Test, a non-invasive body composition analysis that provides a detailed breakdown of your weight in terms of muscle, fat, etc.

  • Participation – anytime during the stated duration – in all three categories.
  • Weekly Lucky Draw.


A Special Thanks to Our Sponsor

For more information, please contact the Swimming Team Office at 02 2885-8259 or email to swim@americanclub.org.tw.