Notice Rules Change – Children below the age of Twelve


Upon the request of a number of Members with small children, the Rules Committee and the Board of Governors reviewed the age limits for children entering the Club.  After studying comparable Club’s within S.E. Asia and review of Taiwan’s regulations around children, they decided to change the age for required supervision of dependent children by “the parents or an adult Member” from “below thirteen” to “below twelve”.  This will align the required age for supervision to be consistent with the Taiwan regulations defining the age of children as below twelve (12).

In addition, the Board has decided to offer a consent form to parents with children aged ten (10) and eleven (11) to allow parents to drop their children off and pick them up after supervised Club activities, classes and lessons, provided that the parents agree to immediately pick them up after these supervised activities.  The parents must further agree to all the guidelines outlined within the consent form to ensure a safe and pleasant environment for all Members.

These changes will also allow children twelve (12) years and older to be issued a Member card, have signing privileges and bring guests to the Club.

The changes will go into effect on Friday, December 1, 2017.