Change of ACC Wi-Fi Password


The ACC Wi-Fi password will be changed on the morning of Monday March 2. As usual, the new password will be on display around the Club, or can be obtained from one of the service staff.

Changing to the New Password – Easiest Method

To avoid problems, the easiest way for most people to change their Wi-Fi password is to first clear / forget your existing “ACC” Wi-Fi connection, then tap on the ACC signal and create a new connection with the new password.

If your phone supports setup of a Wi-Fi connection via QR Code you can also simply scan the QR code on our Wi-Fi password notices instead of manually entering the password (but you should still remove your existing ACC connection setup beforehand).

Clear Existing ACC Connection – iPhone:

Go to your Wi-Fi Settings, locate the ACC Wi-Fi connection, tap the “i” link and choose “Forget This Network”:

Step 1:

Step 2:

Clear Existing ACC Connection – Android:

For Android devices the specifics of how to do this will depend on which device and which version of Android you are using, but here is an example (locate the ACC WiFi network, and tap the “Forget network” button):