Coronavirus Precautionary Measures – Live Updates


Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the Board and Management are continuing to monitor developments and taking all reasonable measures to ensure that the Club remains a safe haven and home away from home for our Members, their children, and our staff.

We will keep updating the latest Coronavirus Precautionary Measures via the weekly newsletter on this page, where you can also scroll down to check the history.

Club Latest Precautionary Measures

Wearing of facemasks

Mask wearing for your safety and the safety of others when indoors at the Club is recommended. Please see the details of where mask-wearing is recommended:

Public Spaces inside the Clubhouse (lobby, corridors, stairwells, etc.)

Recommend to wear a mask.
Restrooms & Locker Rooms

Recommend to wear a mask.

(Except when showering.)

Hair Salon, Library, Nursery, Playroom, Games Room, Children’s Reading Room, Pool Room Recommend to wear a mask.
Dining Outlets (Terrace, Gyoson, Sigis, Rendezvous, ACC Market) Those dining in the Terrace must wear a mask when getting food at the buffet.
Fitness Center, Studio Spaces, Multi-Purpose Sports Complex, Pro Shop

Masks may be removed when working-out but it is recommended to wear a mask to-and-from these facilities.

Banquet Rooms (California Room, San Francisco Room, Miami Room) Those attending Sunday Brunch and Holiday Buffet are required to wear masks while getting food at the buffet.
Sauna, Steam bath, and indoor/outdoor Jacuzzi facilities Masks optional.
Pool, Tennis Courts, Outdoor Playground

Masks are NOT required for outdoor spaces – BUT are recommended once one moves inside.

Nursery & Toddler’s Playroom

Children over 2 years of age – recommend they wear masks.

Club Events / Private Events

The Host / Master of Ceremonies at Club/Private events will announce the protocols that apply for that event.

Using/Entering the Club

  • Members with cold or flu-like symptoms must not enter the Club.
  • Members who have traveled outside of Taiwan will not be allowed to use/enter the Club until the 14-day quarantine period has been successfully completed, nor will any family members who live with them.
  • Members who have completed their 14 days of home quarantine or home isolation are required to add a further 7 days of self-monitoring. During these 7 days, Members are reminded to avoid crowded locations and to wear a mask at all times when outside the home and in particular when they visit the Club.
  • One member of each family must complete the One-time Travel & Health Registration Form (Click here) before they or their family members can enter the Club.
  • Mandatory temperature checks: Please note that Club staff are required to deny entry to anyone with a temperature of 37.5°C or above and that Members and staff are required to follow this procedure.
  • The Club will continue to monitor the evolving situation and will make a weekly announcement about whether forthcoming ACC events will be held or not. This procedure will continue as long as circumstances dictate.

Introducing Guests

  • (Latest update on February 25, 2021) Restrictions on the number of guests have been lifted which take effect on Saturday, February 27. Members are reminded that in signing-in their guests, they are declaring that their guests confirm to the ACC’s COVID-19 regulations as posted at the Card Entry Gate.
  • Members must enter their guests’ names in the Guest Book which will be located on the counter near the Guest Registration system. The Guest Book is being reinstated to assist with potential COVID-19 tracing.
  • Guests will be required to undertake the mandatory temperature check and government-mandated quarantine and health self-management guidelines must be followed.
  • Sunday Brunch returns on Sunday, July 12, 2020, with the requirement that all visitors sign the Guest Book.

Other Measures

  • (Latest update on February 25, 2021) Fitness Classes are returning to their usual size from March 1, 2021. To help preserve social distancing, group Fitness Classes have been capped at 10 participants – this has resulted in fully subscribed classes; so to avoid disappointment please book early. Be advised that enhanced sanitation measures are in place in all Fitness Class areas.
  • (Latest update on February 25, 2021) Social distancing rules have been relaxed. Please follow the Social Distancing Regulations (Scroll down to see the details), in keeping with Taiwan Government’s social distancing recommendations.
  • Hand sanitizing dispensers are located in the entrance and throughout the Club (Scroll down to check the list of locations). Members are requested to sanitize their hands before entering and to frequently sanitize them during their stay.
  • Reciprocal Club visits remain suspended until further notice.

Members visiting the Club during this period are doing so on the basis that they are following all government guidelines on quarantine and self-health management and their use of the Club is their legal representation to this effect.

Members who violate this ban or falsify their Travel Declaration will be subject to immediate suspension, as well as their family.

Social Distancing Regulations

(Latest update on February 25, 2021) Social distancing rules have been relaxed which take effect on Saturday, February 27.

The government has introduced social distancing guidelines of 1 meter outdoors and 1.5 meters indoors.  The Club is responding to ensure that the ACC remains a safe haven for Members, their children, and our staff.  Here are our measures to conform to the letter and spirit of the government guidelines:

Inside the clubhouse

It is not always possible to preserve 1.5 meters when walking down corridors, passing through doorways, shopping in the Market, etc.  The government recognizes this and advises that people should wear masks in such circumstances.  Old fashioned manners in terms of allowing others to enter, exit, or pass by first can also help preserve social distancing in some of the confined spaces at the Club.


To preserve social distancing, certain tables will not be available for Member use and these will be discretely marked with “Reserved” signs.  The outlet Manager or host/hostess will escort Members to designated free tables and table allocation will be done to maximize social distancing space.


The furniture in the Library has been rearranged to provide social distancing space.  In addition, two of the computer terminals have been temporarily removed to create as much space as possible in this area.  The Library couch has temporarily been moved to under the gallery opposite the ACC Market.


The Salon remains open and alternate rows of treatment chairs will be used to preserve social distancing.  Members may not be able to get appointments at their preferred time so that these spaces can be preserved.  Emily or May May can explain these and other measures that are in place to maintain the Salon as a safe destination.

Fitness Center and Studio Spaces

We ask Members to make all efforts to preserve appropriate space when working-out, to use alternate machines instead of adjacent ones and to follow staff instructions as required.

Fitness class sizes continue to be limited to ten participants.

Staff will be monitoring and advising on preserving appropriate social distance.


The pool remains in use with recommendations to maintain one meter apart for lane swimming.

Sauna, steam bath and indoor/outdoor Jacuzzi facilities

The maximum capacity for the following facilities – at any one time – will be:

  • Sauna: No Restriction
  • Steam Rooms: No Restriction
  • Outdoor Jacuzzi: 3 people
  • Indoor Jacuzzi Cold Plunge: 1 person
  • Indoor Jacuzzi Warm Plunge: 2 people

Hand Sanitizing

The Club currently has hand sanitizing machines in the areas:

  • Lobby
  • ACC Market
  • Hair Salon
  • Outdoor Playground
  • Nursery/Playroom Entrance
  • Fitness reception Desk
  • Fitness Center, Second Floor
  • Multi-Purpose Sports Complex (Main Floor, by the squash courts)
  • Functional Training Center (Second Floor, MPSC)
  • Pool
  • Pro Shop
  • Gyoson
  • Sigis
  • Terrace
  • Rendezvous
  • Kitchens

Club Measures - Staff

  • Housekeeping staff are using alcohol to regularly sterilize door handles, railings, and other high traffic surfaces.
  • Fitness staff are regularly sanitizing handles on fitness equipment while class instructors are ensuring that mats, etc. are sanitized after each class.
  • Toys and surfaces in the playroom are being sanitized twice daily.
  • Mandatory temperature checks and hand sanitizing are required for everyone entering the Nursery and Playroom.
  • Club staff, including the Nursery staff, Housekeeping staff, Kitchen staff, Food services staff, and Front of the house staff, are required to wear masks.
  • Club staff will also complete an Employee Health Self-Declaration.

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