COVID-19 Guest Restrictions Ending


COVID-19 Guest Restrictions Ending

The Club’s COVID-19 related restrictions on the number of guests Members may introduce at one time will end on Saturday, September 26, after the card access system has been reprogrammed for this purpose – returning to the original default of up to 20 guests per registration.

Guests must still sign the Guest Book and Members introducing guests are still guaranteeing that their guests conform to the posted COVID-19 regulations, have not traveled abroad for the past 14 days, have no flu-like symptoms, etc.

So, in terms of the numbers of guests Members may bring, we are returning to our usual practices.  Natalie Kao, our Catering Sales Manager, can explain the sign-in policies and procedures for private functions.

The Club will continue to monitor the local COVID-19 situation and are prepared to tighten restrictions should circumstances deteriorate.

Board of Governors,
September 24, 2020.


For more information about the Club’s coronavirus precautionary measures, please click here for details.