ALERT LEVEL: Due to the current epidemic situation in Taipei City, the alert level 3 will be extended to Monday, July 12.

VACCINATION INFORMATION: Coincidental to the recent (July19) arrival of additional batches of vaccine; the Taiwan Government has updated the qualifications for individuals to be vaccinated under the national COVID-19 vaccination program. The following summary is offered as a reference for our Members and staff:  

Starting July 1, eligibility for COVID-19 vaccination (regardless of vaccine brand) will be expanded to the following individuals:

  1. Individuals in the first priority group: medical personnel
  2. Individuals in the second priority group: disease prevention and control personnel at the central and local governments, front-line personnel in facilities handling human remains
  3. Individuals in the third priority group: front-line workers at high risk of exposure
  4. Individuals in the fourth priority group: those who must travel abroad due to special circumstances (personnel who need to travel abroad for official business, foreign diplomatic personnel and their family members in Taiwan, and athletes or competitors representing Taiwan in international competitions.)
  5. Individuals in the fifth priority group, including residents and workers in residential long-term care facilities; residents and staff in community long term care facilities and disability care facilities and home caregivers and care receivers; staff in other institutions (including workers in correctional institutions); and kidney dialysis people
  6. Individuals in the sixth priority group, including elderly people aged 75 and older and pregnant women
  7. Individuals in the seventh priority group: personnel maintaining national security and the normal functions of society
  8. Individuals in the eighth priority group: elderly people aged 65-74
  9. People who have received their first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine: they can receive their second dose of the same vaccine brand at the recommended interval between the two doses.

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Aged 75+ Foreigners Residing in Taipei City with Taiwan Residence Permits – Vaccination Information

( Information from Taipei City Government 06/22/2021)

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