Looking for a Basketball Coach?


Looking for a Basketball Coach?

Trying to get that 3point shot?

Dazzle with your dribble?

The Club has three talented coaches that can help your child and you improve play at your game. Diverse certifications and experiences. please click here to view our coaches’ professional bios.


Private Lessons

One on one /

per person

One to two /

per person

More than three people/

per person

V Fee V Fee V Fee
30 Minutes $800 $400 $350
45 Minutes $1,200 $600 $525
1 Hour $1,600 $800 $700


Basketball Coach



  • Chinese Taipei Basketball Association- Basketball Coach
  • Society for sport and exercise psychology of Taiwan-Sport psychology consultant
  • DunXu High School of Industry and Commerce-Basketball team
  • Aletheia University-Basketball team

Trained players


  • Super Basketball League player
  • China National Basketball League player


  • University Basketball Association player
  • Junior High School Basketball League player
  • Amateur League basketball player





  • Aletheia University Basketball Team
  • Jeremy Lin Summer Camp team leader
  • New Taipei City San Chong Civil Sports Center Basketball Coach


Chinese Taipei University Sports Federation Basketball coach Chinese Taipei Basketball Association Basketball referee Jump Science CrossFit Level 1 Trainer TRX-STC





  • Chinese Taipei Basketball Association-Basketball coach
  • Chinese Taipei University Sports Federation- Basketball referee
  • New Taipei Municipal Shu Lin High School- Basketball team
  • Chinese Culture University- Basketball referee team



For more information, please contact the Swimming Pool Office at  02 2885-8259 or email to swim@americanclub.org.tw.