Member Appreciation Program


The challenges and burdens imposed by the (COVID-19) pandemic upon the Club and Members are being reduced allowing our business and social lives to return to normality. The Club thanks all Members for your support during the past three months – and to show our appreciation – the Club has prepared a Member Appreciation Program which will be available commencing September 1st, 2021.

This Member Appreciation Program is in the form of a NT$6,000 credit to each Member’s account applicable to F&B expenditures. It may be used:

  • In any of the Club’s F&B outlets, including the ACC Market and for private room bookings.
  • After the monthly F&B minimum requirement is met.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Effective commencing Wednesday, September 1, 2021.
  • Cannot be transferred or sold for use by other Members.


Q: May I spend part of my NT$6,000 credit for one month, and carry-over the remaining credit to the following months?

A: Yes. However, the credits can ONLY be used when the required monthly F&B minimum has been reached.

Q: How do I check the credit balance?

A: The F&B Service Team and the Front Desk Staff may help you check your credit balance.

Q: Can my family (e.g. children) use the qualified credit for dining if I am not with them? 

A: Yes. However, please ensure your family (e.g. children) can confirm their Membership status when requested by the F&B Service Team.