Notice – New Guest Registration Screen

Location:ACC Lobby

To expedite the registration process some changes are being made to the Guest Registration Screen Display on the Front Desk PCs, and on the ACC website. The changes are as follows:

  1. Date of Registration selector is unchanged (defaults to “today”, but allows registration up to 3 weeks in advance).
  2. Arrival Time is now a required value, but when registering Guests who are already with you at the Club there is a convenient “Now” button for entry of this value.
  3. The screen now just requires the selection of the number of each Guest/Visitor by their classification.
  4. The Guest Classifications are:
    1. Guests – Adults” (includes ‘Youths’ aged 12 and above)
    2. Guests – Children” (aged 11 and below)*
    3. Child with consent form” (for Members’ children aged 10 or 11 when a consent form has been signed, and authorization has been given for an unaccompanied visit to the Club).
    4. Personal Employees
  5. *Note that where Guests are entered as “Children” they will not be issued with cards. Children are required to enter and leave the Club with an accompanying adult, in accordance with ACC’s House Rules.
  6. Name of each Guest/Visitor/Personal Employee no longer needs to be entered.

The Yes/No selection of Sports/Fitness usage has also been removed. However, a Guest Fee still applies for usage of Sports facilities activities. This should be paid at the applicable Sports outlet.



This change will be made on the morning of Monday, July 9, 2018

If you need any clarification of how the revised screen works please check with ACC staff.