One of the Most Exceptional Swimming Pools in Taipei!


ACC has always been committed to providing Members with an excellent standard and a highly personalized service. In keeping with this commitment, we are pleased to announce the opening of our newly renovated swimming pool. This renovation project required just under three months to complete and we thank our Members for their patience during the construction period……

And we are confident that you will agree that this project was well worth the wait. Designed and constructed by the PEGASUS Design & Contract Company, with a view to portraying a comfortable international feeling with the right amount of elegance for Members and their guests to relax from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Highlights of the renovation include:

  • Main Swimming Pool

The most visible addition is the large ACC logo laid on a deep blue sea of tones with LED lights, while underneath we repaired the leaking expansion joint and grout eroded tiles.  As a completely new departure from the old design is the perimeter overflow system, which will provide a smoother water surface and improved safety around the boundary with the removal of the humped and embedded LED light strips.












  • The Kiddies Pool

We have a completely rebuilt shell, it is larger with a mosaic mix of tiles, water spouts and a functioning waterfall, it is also heated.












  • Outdoor Jacuzzi

Inspired by the soothing mountainous hot springs, the outdoor spa area design represents nature’s elements with granite stone cladding and wooden bench with green vegetation to create a relaxing environment after good workout.












  • Pool Deck Area

The pool deck area has been completely refurbished.  Next to the swimming pool tiling this turned out to be an essential part of the project as we needed to fill void cavities that had developed over the year. The clay tiles, imported from Australia, were selected because they are being soft on your feet while also anti-slick with an exceptional ability to not absorb heat even during peak summer temperatures.

You will be pleased to see that the flowerbeds and trees have been retained to complete the sense of harmony with nature.

The ceiling area, between Sigis to the entrance to the Fitness Facilities, has been redesigned with the addition of a very attractive wooden plank design, a common theme through many areas of the Club, which are staggered and layered to provide a casual and rich visual effect.  We have also added ceiling fans that will be installed shortly.












  • Sigis Outside Deck

We have also replaced the old Sigis deck with a long lasting carbonized wood with traction grooves for wet weather.  We replaced the dated awning to provide an especially attractive appearance to the whole area.  And ladies! You will rejoice that not only does it look great, there are no longer any big gaps to damage high heels.

Swimming Pool opening hours will remain as 6:30 am to 8:30 pm from Monday to Friday; 9:00 am to 7:30 pm on Saturday, Sunday and holiday.  The ACC board and staff look forward to seeing you and your family enjoying a fabulous and wonderful summer time!












We have posted renovation process photos, please check ACC Facebook.