PADI Seal Team Dive Program

Location:Swimming Pool


The weather is getting cooler in northern Taiwan – a good time to sign-up for our PADI SCUBA diving lessons at the ACC heated pool.



PADI Seal Team Dive Program” is a fun, safe way to learn scuba diving. It’s ideal for kids aged 8 and over – or anyone under 15 who’s not quite ready to learn to dive in the open water.

This internationally recognized program teaches basic dive skills in the heated ACC pool.


Course Structure

The Seal Team program is split into five “Aquamissions”. Each includes a short briefing and a knowledge session, followed by pool time where children can try out their new skills and play fun underwater games.


  • Session 1: Breathing rules, controlling depth, equalizing the ears and mask, monitoring air supply, hand signals, ascending safely.
  • Session 2: Clearing the regulator, equalizing, hand signals.
  • Session 3: Inflating and deflating the BCD (buoyancy control device), clearing a mask, using an alternate air source, hand signals, ascending safely.
  • Session 4: Regulator recovery, clearing the regulator, neutral buoyancy and hovering.
  • Session 5: Snorkel clearing, snorkel regulator exchange, oral BCD inflation, skills circuit and mini dive. At the end of five sessions, children will officially be certified PADI Seal Team divers! They’ll receive an official PADI certificate, and a diver logbook.


Master Seal Team

After completing their first five Aquamissions, children can progress to our Master Seal Team program, in which they’ll complete a further 10 specialty Aquamissions.

These include a night dive, navigation, inner space buoyancy control, skin diver snorkel skills, underwater photography, creature identification, safety and rescue skills, underwater environment protection, search & recovery and wreck diving.

You can book the Master Seal Team program separately, or book both programs together.

What’s Next?

Children aged 10 years or over can become certified scuba divers with a Jr. PADI Open Water Course.



Each session lasts up to 1.5 hours



Children must be 8 years or over. Parental approval is required and a medical statement must be filled out. Please note some medical conditions including asthma may prevent your child from diving.


All the wording above is edited by Australian PADI Diversden & Taiwan Dive Buddy Course Directors


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