Coronavirus Precautionary Measures


Preventative measures

The Club continues to follow government guidelines and monitor government websites for the latest updates while our General Manager continues to liaise with his colleagues in Hong Kong and elsewhere on measures that are being put in place.  This notice gives an update on our Phase 1 measures, which are essentially unchanged since last week, except as underlined below.

Mandatory 14 day quarantine and restrictions on reciprocal club visitors

Members, their families and friends who have recently arrived from China, Hong Kong and Macau are not to visit the Club until their mandatory 14 day quarantine period has passed without any symptoms.

The Club is temporarily suspending visits from members of reciprocal clubs from Hong Kong, Macau and China.

Hand sanitizing

The Club currently has hand sanitizing machines in the areas listed in bold, below, and will have them in other areas as soon as the dispensers arrive, which is now expected in the first week of March.  Until then, alcohol spray bottles are available in each location:

  • Lobby
  • ACC Market
  • Hair Salon
  • Outdoor Playground
  • Nursery/Playroom entrance
  • Fitness reception desk
  • Fitness Center, second floor
  • Multi-Purpose Sport Complex (main floor, by squash courts)
  • Functional Training Center (second floor, MPSC)
  • Pool
  • Pro Shop
  • Gyoson
  • Sigis
  • Terrace
  • Rendezvous
  • Kitchens

Other sanitary measures

Housekeeping staff will be using alcohol to regularly sterilize door handles, railings and other high traffic surfaces.

Fitness staff will regularly sanitize handles on fitness equipment while class instructors will ensure that mats, etc. are sanitized before and after each class.

Toys and surfaces in the playroom will be sanitized twice daily.

Special measures for the Nursery and Playroom

In addition to the sanitary measures outlined above, we are instituting mandatory temperature checks and hand sanitizing for everyone entering the room.


The Club has ordered a supply of masks for those staff who choose to wear them now and is building up an inventory for a potential Phase 2 when we may require all staff to wear them.

Effective immediately, facemasks must be worn by all staff working in:

  • The Nursery/Playroom – as outlined above
  • Kitchens
  • Housekeeping

Other temperature checks

The government has not recommended these as yet, but plans have been developed to introduce these as a Phase 2 measure should this prove necessary.

Further notices

We will give weekly updates via our e-newsletter and your feedback is welcome via our e-Comment system.

Mike Brennand,