Sigis Weekday Afternoon Soufflé


Sigis Weekday Afternoon Soufflé Special

Monday – Friday

2 to 8 p.m.

(Jan. service will start on Jan. 24 during CNY holiday)


The word soufflé is French for “to blow up,” which is exactly what happens when air is whipped into the egg white, giving it the fluffy texture it’s known for.

You don’t need to look elsewhere in Taipei anymore!

Starting this October, you will be able to enjoy your favorite dessert with Torresella Prosecco pairing EVERY DAY during the weekdays.

The best way to enjoy a relaxed yet fulfilling afternoon is to have a soufflé paired with Prosecco at Sigis.


Soufflé NT$ 280

Torresella Prosecco by Glass NT$ 200/ Bottle NT$  1,200



For more information, please contact Sigis at 02-2885-8259 ext. 268