Squash Ladder

All league games and all tournament games are automatically entered on the squash ladder.   Players can also report any other games they want as ladder games, provided both players agree on this before the game.   Just leave a note with the pro shop staff or send an e-mail to racquet@americanclub.org.tw.

The ladder is quite simple – if you beat someone who is above you then you move up to their position and everyone between that position and your old position moves down 1. If you beat someone who is below you on the ladder there is no change.  The ladder gives an interesting view of the latest game results and we use it for tournament seeding and other things when we need a “snapshot” of the rankings.  Please note that it is, by definition, unstable. Just because someone is above you doesn’t necessarily mean they have beaten you. It just means that they recently beat someone above you.

ACC Squash Ladder Summary to 20140216