The ACC has two tournaments a year.

The Club “Championships” is played in the fall, usually for the whole month of November.  The big winner of this tournament gets their name up on our Racquet Sports Wall of Fame.

The format for this tournament is usually a “Compass Draw”.  A “Compass Draw”, is made up of several separate single-elimination draws named for the points of the compass (Centre, East, Northeast, North, Northwest, West, Southwest, South, Southeast). The Centre, East and West draws form a classic consolation tournament. The other draws give additional matches to players who lose after the second round. If there are 16 players in the first round, the format gives each participant 4 matches.

The spring tournament is usually played in March.  We have done different formats for the spring tournament.  We have done consolation tournaments, round robins, and double-elimination draws.

Traditionally, we have held our Final’s night on a Monday night.  On Final’s Night, we watch the matches with good food, beer and company. Most of our league players participate in these fun events!