Help & Rules for Activities & Groups

The Activities & Groups section of the ACC website exists to support and promote Member-based group activities that operate within the Club for the benefit of Members who share a common interest. These activities may be core ACC service provisions which may be fully managed and run by ACC staff, or they may be wholly Member-organized and Member-run activities.

Rules for Creation & Management of Activities & Groups

We encourage Members to provide suggestions for additional Activity Groups that might be added to this section. These could be either existing groups or activities, or a new a new idea for such a group. In either case any such activity or group must exist primarily for the benefit of ACC Members, be clearly identified as an ACC-related activity, and must involve a certain amount activities that take place within ACC itself. The primary activity might take place outside the Club, but certain aspects must take place here (regular social gatherings and meetings for example). New suggestions will be reviewed by the Board of Governors who will make a decision on whether the proposal will be accepted. On agreement to include any group or activity on the website a new dedicated website section will be created, and the group must nominate a person who will be responsible for providing information and photographs for inclusion on the website pages.

It is the responsibility of the group to decide what information they would like to include on the website, and how they would like to use that facility to support and benefit their activity. All such information added or posted to the ACC website is subject to the same Rules and Decorum as Member’s behavior within the Club. ACC Management and Board will retain full editorial control of page contents at all times. Any information submitted directly to the site that is deemed to be in appropriate or offensive will be immediately removed and the Club will follow up with the Member “offline” by email or telephone. Editorial changes may be applied for reasons of appropriateness of the content, or in order to maintain a consistency of style across the website as a whole. Information and photographs may therefore be declined, removed or amended if ACC Management or Board deems this to be necessary. Board and Management will endeavor to exercise editorial control in association with the group, and in a mutually acceptable way, but final decision will always lie with them. Board and Management also reserve the right to remove a group from the website if it no longer meets the criteria for being included there.