Children’s Playroom

– According to 2018 Redesign Project in Children’s Playroom, the renovation will commence on Monday, June 4 to the end of August, Sigis is closed temporarily during this period of time. –

Our Children’s Playroom is available for children of Club Members and their guests. We aim to provide children with a safe and happy experience – so this has been designed with both fun and safety in mind. The playroom is available for children up to and including  six-years of age, with a maximum of  15 children using the playroom at any given time.

Operating Hours: 09:00 ~ 21:00 Daily

Children’s Indoor Playroom Rules

The ACC Indoor Playroom is intended to be a fun and safe environment for children. In order to help us achieve these goals we need to ask your cooperation in observing the following rules regarding its usage.

  1. The Indoor Children’s Playroom is reserved for members age 6 & under and they are responsible for appropriate utilization and care of the facilities.
    Parents are responsible for the conduct of their family member’s and guests who utilize this room.
  2. Children using this room should be at least 90cm tall and under 135cm.
  3. All Shoes must be placed in shoe rack ( No shoes allowed at any time).
  4. No wet bathing suits shall be permitted.
  5. No food or beverages are permitted in this area.
  6. Climbing on inside of play structure (the fishnet) is strictly prohibited.
  7. No toys or other hard objects should be taken into this room.
  8. At any one time the maximum number of children is limited to 15.