• Lunch: 11:30 ~ 14:00 (last food orders 13:50) / Dinner: 17:30 ~ 21:30 (last food orders 21:00)
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Our Japanese food restaurant “Gyoson”, which means fishing village prepares a wide range of traditional flavors from fresh sashimi, hand-rolled sushi and crisp tempura to a savory assortment of yakitori to give you an authentic taste of Japan!

ACC has always been committed to providing Members a tremendous standard, personalized service, and of course the area that touches most Members is our dining. Now we are proud to offer another distinct and always popular option – Japanese.

“Gyoson”, which was designed to encompass the rustic ambiance of a Japanese fishing village, offering a good upper midrange standard of sushi, sashimi, yakitori, a variety of noodle dishes and grilled fish and meats priced to provide good value for money to comparable standards. S__18382860

Inspired by the traditional Japanese fishing village which is the heart of most Japanese cuisine, the design represents the feel with materials and elements found in a fishing village like bamboo, wood, hemp, roofing tiles, fishing baskets and straw plastered walls aimed to create a warm, rustic and comfortable environment to compliment Japanese cuisine.


With his 30 years of Japanese culinary experience, Chef Bruce Chang has orchestrated a menu of the freshest products that maintains the standards of Japanese dining while also preserving the unique quality and essence with the addition of a few of his personal specialties such as “Bonito teapot soup” and his “eggplant with miso”. He chooses the finest and freshest ingredients not only from NortheastCoast and South Coast of Taiwan, but also searching for the highest standards of products in Japan and as far away as Norway.

Enjoy the traditional, authentic flavors of Japan and heighten your dining experience with us, taking you to explore an exciting Japanese adventure! 


Happy Hour (Monday to Thursday)

We have “Happy Hour” in Gyoson from 17:30-20:00, Monday to Thursday. Draft Beer & Can Beer.


For more information, please contact Gyoson Staff at 02 2885-8260 ext. 258 or email to