ACC Fitness Center Reception

ACC prides itself on its diverse sports and fitness facilities which have become an integral part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle for our Members.

At our fitness center you can enjoy a workout, join in with one of many fun and high energy group fitness classes, or work with one of our team of highly trained and experienced fitness coaches to hone your body and fitness levels. Members of all ages can also enjoy swimming, tennis, squash, racquetball, table tennis, badminton, and basketball hoop practice on site – with world class coaching available in many of these sports. Throughout the year we also have a range of sports-based activities and competitions both within our own Membership and with other Clubs and organizations.

We are proud of the vibrant sports community within our Membership. Sports activities are a hub of social activities for many, and our sports activities provide a great way to meet new friends – as well as have a lot of fun and enjoyment along the way!

Fitness & Sports