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Squash Balls


Junior Mini Orange Ball

Designed for children ages 7-10. With a slightly higher bounce and a longer hang-time than a standard ball, these balls make it easier for kids to learn and master their strokes before migrating to a more advanced ball. Slightly oversized with easier playability.

Single Blue Dot

BLUE DOT BALLS (12% larger than the standard size)

The Intro or Max squash ball is for beginners and intermediate. It is bouncy at room temperature and requires no warming up.
Perfect for new players.

Double Yellow Dot

It is the only ball used in international professional play. It is most suitable for professional, tournament and good club players.

Designed for players who can play the ball after it has hit the backwall. Requires constant hard hitting to reach its optimum temperature.
Perfect for experience players.


Tennis Balls


Red Stage Tennis Balls (75% slower, ages 8 and under)

This is the first stage of Mini Tennis and is very important for building skills and confidence. The emphasis is on fundamental skills such as movement and co-ordination, and above all else fun! Slightly larger than standard balls for easier play.

Orange Stage Tennis Balls (50% slower, ages 9 to 10)

This introduces children to playing on a 3/4 length tennis court. The low bounce Mini Tennis Orange ball slows the game down to a speed that gives players time to play good basic tennis shots and enables them to have maximum fun playing the game!

Green Stage Tennis Balls (25% slower, ages 11 & up)

This is the final stage before children move to standard tennis. Played on a full-size tennis court, the Mini Tennis Green ball is slightly lower bouncing than a normal tennis ball and helps the children to use good technique and rally consistently.

Yellow Tennis Balls

This is the regular tennis ball play on the full-size tennis court. These balls are used for training and competition.

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