Tennis Court Booking Rules

When Bookings Can Be Made – and By Whom

    1. Reservations can be made up to 167 hours (7 days) in advance online via the ACC website or in person or over the phone via the Pro-Shop staff (tel. 2885 3823) – with one new court slot becoming available for booking each hour on the hour on an ongoing basis during court playing hours.
    2. A Member or dependent Member aged 13 and above can reserve an hour of court time twice within a 7 day period under his/her own name (hereafter referred to as the Member’s 7 day reservation “quota”). The 7 day period is a “rolling” 7 days forward from the current time.
      • “Rolling 7 days” means (for example) that a Member with courts booked on the coming Monday and Tuesday would have no quota remaining, but once the Monday court booking timeslot had passed the Member would then be able to make another booking.
    3. Booking for two consecutive hours by a member is permitted at any time.
    4. When a court is booked for a Member aged 12 or under, it will be booked under a parent’s name (as the ‘Booking Owner’) and the child’s name (as the ‘Main Player’) and it will count as one of that parent’s hours. Where the booking system is unable to determine the age of a child due to his/her date of birth not being known the child will be assumed to be 12 or under and the booking will count towards the parent’s (Booking Owner’s) quota. Children aged 12 and under need to be supervised by a parent or coach when playing on the court. The parent or coach need not be on the court, but must be in a location from which the court and the players can be seen clearly.
    5. Once a booking has been completed and confirmed for a specific Main Player it cannot then be changed. If that player is no longer able to attend the reservation must be cancelled and a new one created for a different Main Player.
    6. All reservations – whether made by Members themselves via the website, or on the Member’s behalf by ACC staff – are made on the same shared automated booking system. No requested court reservation can be assumed to have been secured until the booking system confirms success of the booking transaction.
    7. In most cases booking works on a “first come first served basis” with no preference being given to any booking method. This means that whichever booking request is received by the booking system first for a given slot is the one that will succeed in securing the court reservation. Members making booking themselves online therefore have the same equal chance to secure the booking of a slot as ACC staff. The one exception to this is when the very latest slot becomes available for booking (i.e. the slot starting 167 hours from ‘now’) where for a 10 minute period those physically present at the Tennis booking desk, or on the phone, have the opportunity to book the slot before it becomes available online (see rule 8 below).
    8. For the first 10 minutes when a new slot becomes available for booking it is not available online, but can only be booked by either being present at the tennis desk, or by calling in by telephone. During this period Members physically present at the tennis desk also have priority over phone reservations. At 10 minutes past the hour that new slot then becomes available for online booking and if not already booked it is then subject to the same “first come first served basis” rule as for all other unbooked slots.
    9. Start of booking time “on the hour” is determined by ACC staff and their decision on when that time has arrived is final. Availability of the slot for online booking (i.e. at “10 minutes past the hour”) is determined according to the booking system’s internal clock.
    10. An adult may not wait in line at the tennis desk to book a court for a spouse. The spouse must be physically present in line to have priority status. In the case of a 12 and under member, the child must be in line in order to have priority status; the parent need not be in line.
    11. If a court is found to be available either the day before, or on the same day, it can be booked without this counting towards the Member’s reservation quota. For avoidance of doubt: the quota-free booking period begins at 00:01 am on the day prior to the court slot.
    12. At certain times during the year the courts will be blocked out for tournament use. During these times Members wishing to make court reservations should inquire directly with the Pro Shop staff who will know which slots, if any, might be available for other Member usage during the tournament.
    13. The Upstairs Coaching Court can be booked by Members on the same day if available. It may also be booked after 6p.m. the night before if a member wants a lesson with another coach. Bookings for the upstairs court must be made directly with the Racquet Sports Office (this court cannot be booked online), and do not count towards the Member’s reservation quota.
    14. A confirmed booking has precedence over occupancy of a court by a Member who has not booked it.
      • If a slot is found to be un-booked, and a Member books it – even if the start of the slot time has passed and another Member is playing on the court – the Member who made the booking has the right to use that court and the Member occupying the court will need to give it up.


Cancellations, No-Shows and Penalties

    1. Court bookings will be held for ten minutes past the hour after which a ‘no show’ penalty of NT$400 will be made to the Booking Owner. During Pro Shop office hours staff will clear the slot reservation at 10 minutes past the hour making it available for any other Member to book. For another Member to secure occupancy of that vacated slot a new booking must be made on the court reservation system.
      • The Member or Dependent who has been specified as the ‘Main Player’ for the reservation must be present in the Club by the allotted time. If the nominated “Main Player” is not present, but a different member of the Main Player’s family (same Membership #) turns up to use the slot instead, he/she will be permitted to play, but this will still be regarded as “no-show” and a No-Show fee will be charged to the Booking Owner. Any Guests playing will also need to pay the standard Guest Fee(s) in addition to the penalty fee.
      • If the Main Player is not present in the Club, and none of the Members who turn up to the booking are from the Main Player’s family (same Membership #), they will not have the right to use the court. Such a situation will be treated as a standard “no-show”. A no-show fee will be charged to the Booking Owner, the court booking will be cleared at 10 minutes past the hour and the court will then become available for any Member to book.
    2. Cancellation of court bookings can be done without penalty up until twelve hours before start of the booked slot. Members can make cancellations themselves online, or request the cancellation via the Pro Shop staff.
    3. Cancellations made within twelve hours of the booked slot may incur a late cancellation penalty charge of NT$200.
    4. Cancelled reservations do not count towards a Member’s 7 day quota.
    5. When the weather is uncertain, Members can check the conditions of the courts with the Pro Shop staff. If conditions are not suitable for play, Members have the option to cancel without penalty, provided that the Pro Shop staff are aware of the situation.
    6. The Pro Shop staff are responsible for determining when a ‘no-show’ has occurred, when charges of any type are applicable and for applying those charges – the booking system will never apply charges to a Member’s account automatically.


Waiting List for Court Slots

  1. An automated waiting list will be provided for all booked court slots. The list will be maintained in order based on who joined first and the first one on the list will be booked into the slot automatically in the event of a cancellation more than 12 hours before the slot start time.
  2. If a cancellation occurs within the last 12 hours prior to a slot’s start time those on the waiting list will not be allocated automatically into the cancelled slot. Instead, a message will be sent to all the Members on the waiting list to alert them of the slot’s availability. Recipients of that message will then need to book the vacated slot if they still want it. These late-availability slots will however also be shown on the booking system as available for any Member to book.
    • This approach is employed in order to maximize the chance of such a late-availability court slot being booked by a Member who is able to use it at such short notice – whilst also providing an advantage to those on the waiting list as they are actively notified of the court’s availability.
  3. By placing your name on the waiting list for a court slot you are confirming willingness to use that court booking if the slot is assigned to you. When this occurs you will be notified by e-mail, and also by SMS if you have set that option in your notification setup. If you no longer want the slot you must cancel it prior to the slot start time to avoid being charged a No-Show fee. You can cancel places allocated to you from the waiting any time prior to the slot time without incurring a Late Cancellation fee.
    • When making a late cancellation of a booking allocated automatically from the waiting list members are requested to let the Pro Shop staff know that this is the case.
    • Where a booking is allocated automatically from the waiting list, but weather conditions make the court unplayable, the “No-Show” fee will not be charged in event of the Main Player not being present at the Club. However where possible we would still ask Members to notify the Pro Shop staff whenever the intention is not to come to the Club and use an automatically allocated court booking.
  4. When a slot is allocated automatically the time of allocation will be taken to be the booking time and the standard quota rule will be applied accordingly. If allocation time is on the same day as the court slot, or on the day preceding it, the booking will not count towards the quota. Allocations made any time before that will be counted towards the Main Player’s quota. If gaining a court slot booking through such auto-assignment from the waiting list puts you over your court booking quota for a 7 day period ACC’s Racquet Sports staff will contact you to discuss how to resolve this over-booking. Resolution may require cancellation of one or more court bookings.