President’s Message


Dear Fellow ACC Members,

The end of summer is upon us. Welcome home to all of you lucky enough to get some family holiday time. You are returning just in time to enjoy an exciting fall season at the ACC.

There is a slight delay in completion of the construction. Once the old Sigis and children’s areas were demolished, we became aware of items that warranted structural reinforcement. We all felt the improvements were worth this delay. Board members, building committee members and management met weekly with the designers and the construction company throughout the process. I appreciate all the effort on oversight and making sure the club gets the most for its investment.  The scheduled completion date is September 10. Thank you for your patience.

The club is excited to be hosting an 11-day Oktoberfest celebration with Michael Wendel beginning September 27. Michael has been a fixture in the international community for more than 20 years. Many club members are already familiar with his famous Oktoberfest – complete with the finest German cuisine, entertainment and, of course, beer. This event is open to members (at a discounted price) and non-members alike. Unlike some previous international events hosted at the club, Oktoberfest will be only in the California Room. The controlled access system means that we can bring this well-known international celebration to our members and still protect the private areas of our club. Many members have already booked their spot through the ACC website. Don’t miss out!

In the June president’s speech I discussed about looking into equipment improvements to keep the water temperature down during the summer. We did not find a solution within a reasonable budget, so the board tasked management to find an alternative solution. Management increased the amount of fresh water intake which worked to keep the water temperature no higher than 30 degrees on average. Previous summers saw water temperatures of up to 33 degrees.

With the completion of the Sigis and Children’s area redesign, the club has renovated nearly all its facilities. In the coming year the board and club management will focus more on the financial performance of the club. We will conduct an in-depth study of club operations and work with management to replenish the bond ratio back to 100% and also build up a healthy cash reserve. The most efficient way to do this is to increase use of the club by continuing to improve services, quality and activities for members.

The annual search for members willing to sacrifice their time to serve on the board as a governor or supervisor has begun. If you are interested in running for election, reach out to our nominating committee chair, Vice President Philip Chiang. The club’s governors and supervisors serve on behalf of ACC members to guide club management.

After eight wonderful years with the club our current general manager, Todd Bretzlaff, is moving back to the United States to be closer to his family. Todd has been in Asia for more than 15 years and his originally planned few years in Taiwan expanded to almost a decade as is often the case when people move to Taipei. We will have more about Todd and his time at the club in the November issue of Accent. On behalf of the club I want to first express our gratitude and appreciation for his professional contributions and dedication to the ACC.

The search for Todd’s replacement is well underway. The reputation of the ACC has led to an impressive collection of resumes and the search committee is hard at work to find the candidate to fit our club and carry on Todd’s good work.



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Ken Chen