President’s Message


Dear Fellow ACC Members,

“Spring is the time of plans and projects.”
Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina

Members will soon begin seeing signs of the many plans and projects currently underway this spring. The board of governors and management are excited about the changes coming the club’s way and believe members will enjoy the club even more than before in the years ahead as a result. ACC food and beverage outlets are essential to fulfilling our mission of being your “home-away-from-home” and also critical to the financial health of the club. It is no surprise then that is where we are seeking to improve the most.


We are pleased to announce the hiring of our new food and beverage director, Mr. Ralf Dohmeier. Mr. Dohmeier has an impressive background, including many years as an executive chef in large five-star hotels. We believe his food knowledge, as well as his extensive experience in Asia, make him the perfect person to step into the unique role here at the ACC and raise the quality in all outlets. Mr. Dohmeier is particularly excited about bringing his ideas to the ACC right as we are renovating the restaurant that rests in the heart of the club – Sigis.


We are happy to report that the renovation design phase of Sigis and the playroom/nursery area is completed. The next step in the process is putting the design out for bidding from contractors. We are on schedule to begin the renovations as planned on June 4.


The board has made the financial health of the club a point of emphasis in forwarding planning.  While the club is managed well and is continuously improving, like with any family budget, there are areas in which we can improve our position. The club’s cash reserve comes essentially from bonds and operating income. As a member-based non-profit club, our operation goals to attain surplus primarily focus on maintaining a healthy cash reserve for rainy days. Through the hard work of previous boards and our GM, we have improved most of our facilities and now forward planning will be shifting towards achieving better financial status. We will work towards improving the club’s cash position in protection against any unforeseen calamity. The need to improve our cash position is also due to our lower-than-desired insurance coverage for building damage in the event of a major accident such as fire or earthquake. Insurance coverage and our current cash holdings do not offer enough protection. A financially healthier ACC will ensure our sustainability over the long run.



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Ken Chen