President’s Message

ACC board member

Dear ACC Members,

Multi-Purpose Sports Complex

The design for the Multi-Purpose Sports Complex has been finalized.  In addition to our original two squash courts, one multi-purpose court with retractable basketball hoop and a spacious ping pong table venue on the first floor, we will have a workout space with monkey bars, punching bag, speed bag, TRX, stretching track, sled track and a rock climbing wall on the second floor.  The house committee and the management is very pleased with appointed contractor, C-Arch’s thoughtful adjustment to meet the demands from a wide varieties of interest groups in the club.  With the limited amount of space and budget, the design team was able to accommodate a majority of the requests in the updated plan.  We hope this space will be able to meet the increasing demand to workout and stay fit in the club.

Construction is due to start on June 5 and be completed in 2 months.

Photos for The New RFID Membership Card

Thank you all for taking the time to get your new ID photo taken at the membership office.  We have, to date, over 2,000 photos updated in preparation to launch the Controlled Access.  All members will be issued the new RFID-enabled membership cards.  In addition to the ACC RFID membership cards, members can choose to have your Taipei City EASY card registered if you choose to use EASY card as your access card.

Controlled Access

  • Lobby Front Desk Modification

The modifications to the Front Desk are completed. The raised counter height is the most ergonomic position for members to make the online registration of guests. The cabinetry was enhanced for the organization and tidiness of the front desk area was an added bonus. Members and guests now can be greeted by the receptionists and the guards at eye level as we enter, making our guests feel more welcomed.

  • Staff Entrance

The Control Access barriers for the employees will be completed in the first part of May. Our staff will be able to test out entering/exiting the club with RFID cards via their dedicated entrance. This first phase of roll-out will allow the management to tweak or adjust the logistics before the full launch for the club members.

  • Members Access Control Gates

Date for delivery and installation of lobby barrier equipment has been delayed due to a manufacturing error. The updated delivery date is expected be in June. Our contractor, G4S, will take full responsibility for the unfortunate delay and a penalty for delay will be assessed. The security committee and the management are monitoring the progress closely. The updated installation date is expected to be during the summer time when the club is less busy.

HACCP Trash Project
(Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points)

Why are we investing in storing our trash?  We generate a large amount of food waste every day here at the club.  The wet waste decomposes and releases a bad odor, which leads to unhygienic conditions and increases sanitation problems.  Unattended waste lying around attracts flies, rats, and other creatures that affect the club surrounding environment. Our new garbage facility will allow us to recycle better and our wet waste will be stored chilled to reduce odor and reduce pest contamination.  This is one of those investment that is less visible yet critical to the well-being of the club.

Celebrating Mothers’ Day

One of the most popular event ACC host is the Mothers’ Day lunch and dinner. In addition to the Sunday Brunch in the California Room, Sigis is offering a ‘set menu for four’ that will “WOW” the mothers at their table. The F&B committee tested the menu and everyone agreed the menu will make this year’s Mothers’ Day unforgettable. Seating at the Sigis is very limited, so book yours early.

See you around the club.

Ellen Yin