President’s Message

ACC board member

Dear ACC Members,

Fall is in the air!  Taipei had a record hottest day ever recorded in September according to the Central Weather Bureau.  With the record soaring temperature,  came to the record soaring utility bill.  September’s electricity bill was NT$200K higher than the previous year.  Energy conservation, going green, is more important than ever as we move forward in managing our Club.

ACC joins Taiwan EPA in Going Green

Taiwan EPA bans merchants from providing free plastic bags starting next year. Starting January 1st, 2018, take out plastic bags will be charged in our effort in reducing Taiwan bag usage.

It is common knowledge that plastic bags create litter, stay in the environment far longer than any paper bag, and create more harm with incorrect disposal. However, it’s a myth that switching to paper bags will be more environmentally friendly.  Paper bag production emits more air pollution, consumes more energy, uses more water, and used paper bags consume more fuel to recycle and create more solid waste.

According to a study by UK Environment Agency, some reusable bags need to be used over 100 times before they’re better for the environment than single-use plastic bags. Polyethylene bags need to be used four times, a polypropylene bag must be used at least 11 times, and a cotton bag must be used at least 131 times.

These factors have made the question of which is greener mind-boggling. Most environmental groups say that it’s best to avoid the choice altogether, instead, we should make an effort to reuse bags.

I found this Chart (compiled by the Portland State University) very helpful in understanding what the “real cost” is a bag used in our everyday life.


AGM & Extravaganza on Saturday, November 18th

The most important event of the year at ACC is our AGM, 4:00 pm, on Saturday, November 18, 2017. Please do take the time to come out and vote for board members that will be working together to fine tune our Club and continue its current successful improvement streak.

Please take the time to get to know the qualifications and platforms of each candidate. Read their bios, and ask the candidates questions.  Cast your vote on candidates with visions and those who can best lead the Club to one that represents the mission and core value of our Club.

An awesome Extravaganza will follow the AGM, with good food, good drinks, good entertainment and most of all, good friends from the Club will all be there.

See you at the AGM & the Extravaganza!



Ellen Yin