President’s Message

ACC board memberDear ACC Members,


Controlled Access Phase II

Thank you for the positive feedbacks of our inaugural activation since the first week of December.  We have extended the first phase to allow members who might be traveling over the holiday to have the same opportunity to get used to the gates. If you register guests online prior to your club visit to reduce the wait to issue guest cards to ensure a smooth roll out of Phase II where all 3 gates will be activated and our guests will need to have guests cards to enter and exit the club facility.

Upcoming Project for 2018

With the approved budget to update the Nursery, Kids Club, family changing room, Banquet Venue and Sigis, eight design firms have been identified to participate in the tender process in mid-January.  The actual construction is scheduled in the summer with an estimated completion date in early Fall 2018.  We will have an improved facility for families with young children as well as a better dining experience in Sigis for the adults.  “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten” – Benjamin Franklin. We trust the new board members in selecting the best design that meets our need at the best quality we can afford.

Challenges in 2018

While the economic impact on Taiwan of the decline in Chinese tourism does not have a direct impact to ACC, but the businesses in the service sector, have suffered. Taiwan Institute of Economic Research estimates the shortfall of 1 million Chinese tourists this year will amount to lost revenue for Taiwan of about US$1.4 billion.

The upcoming 5.3% increase in the minimum hourly wage and a 4.7% rise in the minimum monthly salary to NT$22,000 in 2018, along with the very inflexible five-day work-week policy implemented in 2017, and a decreasing labor pool will continue to be a challenge to ACC’s operation.

Saying Goodbye to the BOG

This is my last President Message. Looking back at the last 8 years in working with the Board of Governors and the management, ACC has gone from a club with outdated facilities, declining membership, where the Club resorted to desperate promotions to attract new incoming members to now updated club with a growing waiting list where families wait for years wanting to be part of ACC family.

There were difficult obstacles and challenging projects along the way, but it is said that growth only begins in a state of discomfort. I appreciate each one of the board members who worked as part of the team in this journey.  It was a very rewarding learning experience.


Thank you for your support in our journey to the Best in Asia. I wish you a very joyful and healthy Year of the Dog.

恭喜發財, 萬事如意!


Ellen Yin