President’s Message


Dear Fellow ACC Members,

PLEASE COME OUT AND VOTE! WE NEED YOUR VOTE FOR THE ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING on November 10, 2018. By our club constitution we need one half (1/2) of the total Voting Bondholders (~750 memberships) to be present or by proxy in order to meet a quorum. Voting club members need to approve the 2019 agenda items (governors, supervisors, budget proposal, CAPEX, etc.) in order to continue club operations uninterrupted. Please kindly make time to join the AGM.

It is my honor and pleasure to announce the hiring of David Brightling as the new General Manager. David will join the club on December 10. He is an award-winning international hospitality and recreation leader. He has managed and opened prestigious private clubs in Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore and China. David has a special affinity for multi-sport family clubs, having managed The Badminton and Racquet Club of Toronto and two of our reciprocal clubs: the LRC (Ladies Recreation Club) in Hong Kong and the Toronto Cricket Skating and Curling Club. The Royal Canadian Yacht Club, his most recent post, is also a multi-sport family club and is well known for its extensive children’s programs in sailing and racket sports. Mr. Brightling’s full bio will be posted around the club.

After eight long years with the club our current GM, Mr. Bretzlaff, is returning to Atlanta to be closer to his family. Todd leaves us on Dec. 19. In recognition of Todd’s years of service to the club, we will host a farewell event on Dec. 13 which will be open to members and free to attend. Details will be posted around the club soon.

The board has heard the comments from members on suggestions and recommendations for the new Sigis. A team is working with the F&B department to incorporate constructive member feedback as well as data from the restaurant to make Sigis the premier outlet of the club. Your continuing feedback is always appreciated.

In order to stay compliant with Taiwan’s privacy law requirements, our club attorney has presented a set of privacy disclosure guidelines for the club. We will be distributing these guidelines to members soon.

Last month I presented some club-performance tracking indices. We are sorting through the data and will post information on the bulletin board in the coming weeks. It will also be a topic in the December President’s message.

  1. Average Member Spending: this is the average monthly spending of the membership (excluding monthly dues but inclusive of the minimum spending requirement). This index will give us a good idea of how much our members are spending (This is a good indication of how the club is serving members).
  2. Average Member Net Income (before depreciation): this is the average net income per membership before depreciation.
  3. Club Utilization Rate: this will be a statistic on how frequently the club is being used by members. The Average Member Spending when cross-referenced with Club Utilization Rate will give us a quick check on club performance.


Ken Chen-簽名檔1

Ken Chen