President’s Message

ACC board memberDear ACC Members,

First Safety, and Safety First

Safety at the Club is a big responsibility, in addition to the recent kitchen renovation in improving food safety features of our kitchen, and our current added security with the access control, the Board and the Management have reviewed additional areas where improvement is needed.  The Club continuously updates its facilities and has relevant rules in place to ensure this is a safe venue for all the members, employees and our guests.

Handrails To Be Added to the Main Entrance

The demographics of our membership have shifted over the years.  The age group of 70 and above has increased substantially, from 6% to 10%.  That’s a 66% jump since the end of 2011.  For the steps at the front of our main entrance, it was decided that a set of handrails will be added to both sides of those steps.  The house committee and management also looked into the building code to verify that further railings were not needed to ensure compliance to the local regulation.

The handrail design and selection process is in motion and we should be able to see them installed in the near future.

New Swimming Pool Hours with Lifeguard on Duty

Gone are the days where everyone turns a blind eye and “loosey-goosey” rules were permitted in Taiwan.  The Club has been informed by our attorney that even though the Club has had a long standing practice allowing members to sign a waiver and swim before a lifeguard reports to duty, the Club is exposed to civil and possibly criminal liability and may even be excluded from the general liability insurance policy in the event of an injury or death.

The Board unanimously agreed to immediately ban swimming without a lifeguard on duty.  In consideration of the early swimmers, we have extended the lifeguard service to start at 6 a.m.  Even though it may not cover all early swimmers’ hours, the majority of the swimmers management contacted were very understanding and are satisfied with hours added.  The Board debated over the hours extensively and felt this was a balanced decision between being fiscally responsible and providing a service that would meet the needs of the majority of our members.  We thank you for your kind understanding and cooperation in swimming only under the watch of a lifeguard.

Photo RFID ACC Membership Cards

The Control Access is expected to launch in the first week of May.  With it, all members will be issued a new RFID ACC Membership Card with his or her photo printed on the card.  Membership department will be contacting all members to obtain updated photos.  It is a necessary and important part of the process in implementing the Control Access.  The Board and the Management appreciate your assistance in updating the photos and issuing the new cards.

New Member Cocktail Party

We have had many new members joining the Club over the last few months.  A New Member Cocktail Party will be held on March 20th.  If you are new to the Club, you should have already gotten a notice from the Membership department to attend the party. If you have not received your invitation, please contact our Membership department for details.  I hope you do take the time to come and meet some of the Board members and allow us to introduce ourselves to you.  We would love to meet you in person.

See you around at the Club!

Ellen Yin