President’s Message

ACC board member

Dear ACC Members,

Multi-Purpose Sports Complex

We were pleased to roll out our newly completed Multi-Purpose Sports Complex in August. The Multi Sport Court proves to be a very popular venue, please familiarize yourselves with the booking policies to take advantage of the new facility. The fitness area on the second floor has some added features that are not available in our main gym. This is a great addition to the ACC fitness program.


House Rules on Domestic Helpers

The BOG and the management received multiple feedbacks from the Members. Many of the Members express appreciations, a handful convey their frustrations. Since our membership is very diverse, the BOG is aware that no one decision will please all of the Members. All the feedbacks were compiled and discussed at the board meeting and the decision on the domestic helpers weekend restriction will remain and there is not a compaction issue for the Board to consider a roll out weekday restriction at this time.

We have decided to make it a priority to add updating the nursing facility to the 2018 Capital Spending to better serve parents who have multiple young children.

Please note that ACC has provisions for anyone who is physically challenged, the caretakers in this category are not restricted. If you have such need, please let the management know and authorization can be given for the caretaker to assist them.


Controlled Access Status

–  Lobby Front Desk modified 紅色勾勾

–  New ACC cards designed, photos taken, cards issued 紅色勾勾

–  Photos updated in the POS (Point of Sales transaction monitoring) for improved Member recognition at outlets 紅色勾勾

–  Guest registration ready and tested on website and at front desk 紅色勾勾

–  The barrier gates installed 紅色勾勾

–  Additional CCTV equipment installed 紅色勾勾

–  Staff access control go live 紅色勾勾

–  Club rules updated where necessary 紅色勾勾

–  Members Access Control Go Live…… 紅色叉叉


Why have we not gone live with the system? These gates have been tested to work properly. The gates open and close via Gallagher program with the cards issued to the Members. However, it was not the intent of the BOG to just add a set of gates to enter and exit as a feature. It is the AI (artificial intelligence) behind the mechanism that provides the added value to our Club and its Members. Our vendor G4S had commissioned the one-of-a-kind Club specific program written for ACC and it’s been stuck at the 98% finishing line with some bugs that just do not seem to be able to be completely resolved. The Security Committee and the BOG, along with management had discussed extensively the possibility of a partial go-live while the software engineers work on the bugs, but in the end, it was unanimous that we felt it more important to present a pleasant user experience with a delayed launch rather than a frustrating early release. The vendor is aware of the penalty imposed in the delay and is working closely with our MIS staff to resolve the problem. We will have a go-live date as soon as our MIS Team gives it the OK on their final testing. Thank you for your patience.

Lastly, due to an increase in pool table popularity, a sign up procedure is added to facilitate the wait to play. Please find out more detail on the sign up process with the bar staff. Welcome back and see you around the Club!




Ellen Yin