Sigis Weekly Dining Fun


The Club has many dining choices for YOU every day!

From Monday to Sunday, there is always something happening in Sigis!



Pizza buy one get one FREE!

Available from 5 to 8 p.m., either dine-in or take-out for dinner.

It’s always good to have something to look forward to on a Monday! So we like to make it a special day for our Members, and what better way to do so than designate Monday as “Pizza Day” at Sigis.

You can buy a pizza for dinner every Monday and get another one totally free! So come by for a relaxed meal with family, friends, or colleagues, and if you would like to take it away, no problem.

A great relaxed way to start the week, and according to an ABC poll, cold pizza is an all-time favorite for breakfast, so that’s your Tuesday breakfast worked out!



Bubbles Night!

Prosecco buy one get one FREE!

* You may choose either bottle or glass.



Mini Weekend!

Luscious Lobster Night

Wednesday is Happy Hump Day! We prepare a special Maine lobster feast for you to reward yourself for your hard work and for making it halfway through the week. Either half or a whole lobster, with another menu item at such an excellent price.

* Promotion starts on March 9.

Click here to see the menu!

*20 Whole lobsters are supplied every Wednesday on a first come, first served basis*


Complimentary Glass of Red Wine with Every Steak

Many Members love the juicy steaks we offer in Sigis, and so every Thursday, order a steak, and we will give you a complimentary glass of red wine to accompany Chef’s great steaks.

A classic wine and steak pairing, and we have chosen the best paring for you!



(Temporarily Not Available)


Fresh Shucked Oysters!

Friday is the Oyster Night! Enjoy the Exceptional Flavor!

What better way to start the weekend than with a platter of oysters? We have chosen the Gillardeau Oysters – “the Rolls-Royce of oysters” from a French famed oyster cultivating family – to be our best T.G.I.F companion. A taste of large and firm shucked oysters served fresh or gratin will be available. How many can you eat?

* Promotion starts on March 25.

Click here to see the menu!



Relaxed Saturday Lunch Set Menu

The weekday set lunch menu has been very popular and regarded for its value, so we thought that we would offer it on Saturday as well.

* Available Mondays to Saturdays, please click here for the March Lunch Set Menu.



Sigis Sunday Family Set

It is a great relaxed family affair with great plates of family food put on the middle of the table for all to share.

We hope that Members will enjoy this Sunday Lunch and their time in Sigis sharing big dishes with family and friends.

* Available from 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.

* Promotion starts on March 13.

Click here to see the menu!

A mini A La Carte Menu will be offered during this period, please click here.

* Served with free flow of Prosecco sparkling wine for an additional NT$350/person.


Don’t forget!

Everyday at Sigis…

Order a bottle of wine over NT$1,300 and enjoy it with a complimentary pizza!


For more information, please contact Sigis Staff at 02 2885-8260 ext. 268 or email to