Our well-equipped Nursery is provided for Members’ children two to six years of age. Full-time supervision is provided to ensure a safe and happy environment. Detailed rules for use of the facility are posted in the Nursery, and are also included at the bottom of this page.

Nursery Operating Hours: 9:00 am ~ 9:00 pm Daily

Nursery Number: (02)2885-8260 Ext. 558

Membership Services Desk Number: (02)2885-8260 Ext. 878 or 889

ACC Nursery Slide

ACC Nursery Rules

The ACC Nursery is intended to be a fun and safe environment for children. In order to help us achieve these goals we need to ask your cooperation in observing the following rules regarding Nursery usage.

  1. Only children from age 24 months to 6 years will be permitted in this area.
  2. Children under 24 months are allowed in the Nursery with constant supervision of a parent or Domestic Helper.
  3. All children entering the Nursery must wash their hands or use disinfectant hand spray prior to entering the Nursery.
  4. Children must be signed in & out by the parent or responsible Club member.
  5. No food or beverages are permitted in this area except infant formula in bottles only.
  6. No shoes are allowed at any time.
  7. A Parent or responsible Club member must be on the Club premises at all times.
  8. A parent or responsible Club member must inform the Nursery staff where on the Club premises he or she will be at ALL times. In the event the member moves to a different location, the Nursery staff  must be notified by calling us on extension 46.
  9. No child with an illness will be permitted in this area. A child must be fever or ill-free for 24 hours prior to being brought to the Nursery.
  10. Members or Domestic Helpers are responsible for changing diapers. Nursery staff are not allowed to change diapers.
  11. Supervisory staff or management may request the parent or responsible Club member to remove a child due to misbehavior, illness, etc.
  12. Only members are allowed to check in and leave children in the Nursery. Members must sign in guests. The guest fee is NT$80/child per hour.
  13. Domestic Helpers can accompany children in the Nursery at the member’s request.
  14. Due to space limitation, the Nursery can accept no more than 15 children and/or parents at any one time. In the event of overcrowding, children who have been in the Nursery 2 consecutive hours will be asked to leave to allow space for other children.
  15. At the discretion of the Club Management, members not respecting these rules will not be allowed to use the Nursery.