Children’s Reading Room

Operational Hours:

Monday – Friday / 9:00  – 21:00

Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday / 9:00  – 20:00

Teenagers can find some tranquility in the new Reading Room, which is complete with a large furnished study area and four computers.



·         This room is reserved for Members age 16 & below who are responsible for appropriate initialization and care of the facilities.

·         Parents are responsible for the conduct of the children who utilize this room.

·         Wearing of shirts and footwear at all times is required ( No swim suits are allowed at any time ).

·         No food or beverages are permitted in this area.


Please note:

·       Computers provided for Members use by the ACC have certain types of internet content blocked. However, it is still the parents responsibility to monitor / control access to the internet of their children on these computers and any internet browsing device that is connected directly to the internet via the ACC Wi-Fi Service or cellphone network.

·         For your safety on these shared computers please remember to delate all personal files & information, as well as any downloaded resources, before you leave. Thank you.

·         Please refrain from exceeding the time limit of 15 minutes when someone is waiting.

·         ACC’s supervisory staff or management may request the member or child of a member to leave the room due to misbehavior or illness…. etc.