General Manager’s Message

Dear Members,

Hope that everyone made it through the exceptionally hot summer this year and I am sure that everyone eagerly awaits fall.
We are excited with the completion of the renovation of the Multi-purpose Sports Complex. After the contractor rectified some issues they had with HVAC works, the newly designed space has been very popular. The squash courts were completely refurbished, with a new common area for ping pong or viewing matches – but the biggest changes were made with the addition of a retractable basketball goal in the multipurpose court and a fitness / aerobic studio for classes and functional fitness training on the second floor which promises to make this a vibrant and popular component of the Club.

All Members are likely aware that the controlled access system has been delayed. The delay is due to some issues with the software interface program that the controlled access vendor, G4S, had written to allow the Club’s database system and the guest registration system to communicate to the barrier system software. With the system essentially complete, the original subcontractor for G4S, who was engaged to write this software, has been unable to clear a few bugs in the software program. Given the Club’s commitment to provide our Members an efficient and seamless system to facilitate entry while ensuring proper controls, and after meetings with the vendor, the Security Committee, the Board, management – it was agreed that the best course of action for a successful and seamless system is for G4S to re-write the software interface. Thus, the project will be delayed approximately 2 months and we sincerely appreciate your patience.

We thank everyone for their support on rules enforcement, which invariably improves the overall atmosphere for all Members to enjoy their Club. I had a number of Member’s notice an improved compliance of many of the rules, which are typically a challenge over the summer. And for summer events, the Club enjoyed the largest attendance in years for the 4th of July celebration. We also held an incredible wine dinner sponsored by Mr. David Upham Wines and we finished the summer with a full house at our “Welcome Back Party” at Poolside; then the Mayweather – McGregor fight on the following day.

You may not have noticed but we also recently rolled out new menus both in Terrace and Sigis and the new Gyoson menu will be out shortly. In speaking with some of the Members, some are surprised that we do not completely change over the entire menu with new items; but it is important for everyone to consider that many of the items on our menus are many of our Members favorite dishes which they come to enjoy on a regular basis which limits the magnitude that we can change without upsetting a large portion of Members. Because of this, we typically try to change approximately 40 % of the menu items by replacing the least popular items with new items identified through feedback from Members, from monthly promotions or with popular dishes that are trending in the industry.

Upcoming in September and October, we hope that you will not miss the many opportunities to come to the Club and meet other Members. On September 16, our Member, Mr. Sam Mar will take Members up into the hills to see the Pinglin Tea Museum and learn what is involved in cultivating and producing Taiwan’s great teas. On October 6 the Club is working in coordination with the British Chamber of Commerce to offer the opportunity to savor the beauty of fine Scotch Whiskeys paired exquisitely with food. Then on October 14, in partnership with Saffron Fine Indian Cuisine, we will hold a lively and vivacious Diwali party with great food and traditional dance. And although not until October 27, I want to let all the golfers in the Club to know that we will hold our Annual Golf Championship at the Club at Gao Hua Golf Course in Beitou, followed by an awards dinner at the Club. Given that many of our Board Members and Golf Enthusiasts have committed to attend, we expect this year’s Championship to have the greatest turnout ever. We hope to see you there.

As the end of the year approaches, the Club is working with the Board to finalize the budgets for 2018. In evaluating our capital improvement plans, the Board felt that the renovation of Sigis and the Nursery /Games Room / Miami Room were top priorities as they are about 10 years old already. This will allow us to address the significant acoustic problem in Sigis and expand both the Nursery and the areas for young children (up to their early teens) during the coming year. This will allow the Club to fund these improvements through cash flow and defer other projects for subsequent years.

We look forward to caring for you and your families as we get settled back into our Fall routines and start thinking about the holidays.
See you at the Club,



Todd's Digital Signature

Todd Bretzlaff
General Manager