General Manager’s Message

Dear Members,

April was a very comfortable month and perfect for the timely completion of our Spring Tennis Championship. If you were not playing in the tournament, I hope that you were able to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather during the last half of the month.

At the Club, we were busy finalizing the construction specs for the Multi-Purpose Sports Complex. In addition to the renovation of the courts, updating the fit out, replacing the aged HVAC system, we have turned the second floor into a 2nd exercise and training area which is perfect for yoga, aerobics, TRX and body resistance training. The completion of the construction is expected to be at the end of July. It is coming at the nick of time considering that the fitness center has been getting busier than ever before over the last several months. It will provide some needed space for all the various fitness classes during the peak times not to mention allowing a wonderful alternative for personal training sessions. If you are interested in seeing more detail, the plans will be posted in the lobby in the coming week.

The Controlled Access System is also requiring a lot of preliminary planning to anticipate all the various unique scenarios that will possibly arise once we go live. Although, due to delays in the manufacturing of the access barriers, the entire system will not be able to go live until the end of June / early July. We sincerely appreciate all the Members who have already come in to have their updated photos taken. I have also been receiving a lot of positive comments and questions from many Members. The two most common questions are “what will happen if a Member has guests that they were hoping to entertain at the Club but something came up and the Members are not able to accompany them” or “if something comes up and the Member is forced to send their children to their swimming lesson with the personal helper as an unexpected obligation arose where the Member is unable to accompany them.” In both cases, the Board of Governors understands that circumstances may arise where the primary Members are unable to accompany their guests or children to the Club for planned activities. When this occurs, the Board has authorized management to make an exception provided that the guests or personal employees are properly registered in advance within the online system. The member only needs to send an email to the General Manager’s office so that the exception can be authorized and the respective staff can be informed and proper prepared.

April was quite a busy month for the Club. Congratulations to Mr. Stephen Tan and his team winning our second Annual TopChef Cooking competition and thank you to all of the teams who participated and entertained the crowd that enjoyed the culinary delights that were created. I would like to thank all Members who attended our annual Children’s Easter Celebration. I would like to thank our Social Committee and Events team for coming up with a number of great new games and activities to make this years party better than ever. We also held a party to recognize all the long standing Members who have faithfully supported the Club for a consecutive 25 years and beyond. It was a wonderful evening from this loyal group of Members while they reminisced over fond memories of the Club throughout the years. Then we finished up the month with a group Zumba class in the ballroom where all our ladies Members came to stay fit and the finals to the Spring Tennis Championship where we wish to say special thanks to Mr. Ricky Lee as our Interim Tennis Manager and the Tournament Director for the Championship.

As we approach the hectic summer, we would like to remind Members of a few important rules to help ensure an enjoyable environment for all. Flip-flops and tank tops are not permitted in the Rendezvous, Gyoson or Sigis Dining Outlets. Children who are over 90 cm tall are not permitted in the opposite sex bathrooms or locker rooms and children less than 18 years of age are not permitted in the indoor Jacuzzi located between the men’s and ladies tennis locker rooms.

We look forward to celebrating upcoming celebrations for all our graduating seniors at the Club as they prepare for their next journey to university. We have really enjoyed watching these children grow up in the Club and we are excited to see what they are able to achieve as adults.

We look forward to seeing you at the Club.

Todd Bretzlaff
General Manager