General Manager’s Message

Dear Members,

As you receive your ACCENT, management will be focused on reminding Members of the importance in participating in this year’s Annual General Meeting (“AGM”) on Saturday, November 18, 2017.  As an important part of the Club’s governance, as well as a regulatory requirement, we must reach the necessary numbers.  You should have received your voting materials in the mail and request that you make voting one of your priorities this month.

October was even busier than normal for the Club.  We completed our “Healthy Italian” promotion featuring Chef Marco in Sigis.  Next, with the help of many members within the Indian community and the Saffron Indian Restaurant, we held a Diwali Party in the California Room which featured traditional Indian cuisine, two Indian dance groups, an Indian tabla player and a live DJ to celebrate the Festival of Lights.  The weather then cleared up so that our families could enjoy our ever-popular Annual Swimming Championships.   Then, based on a request by a number of Members, we brought back our annual golf championship with a full field of golfers to compete for the Club Championship.  Mr. Charlie Lamb and Ms. Jeannette Cervell were this year’s champions and based on the popularity of the event, we look forward to bringing back our regular golf outings.  Our Halloween Children’s Cooking Class was a ‘standing room only’ activity and the perfect preamble for the Children’s Halloween Party, which was likely the best Halloween party yet.

The Member Survey closed at the end of October and we would like to thank all the Members who participated by providing the Club extremely valuable feedback and comment allowing the Club to prioritize changes and focus improvements in the Club that will have the greatest impact on Member’s enjoyment.  We are currently working to consolidate the survey results and will provide a detailed analysis of the results in the next Accent Magazine.

For November, we will complete the annual Fall Tennis Championship during the first week in November.  On November 16th, we will host two large events; during the day we will hold the St Lucy’s Bazaar where Members can shop for gifts for the festive season while your involvement will help less fortunate children at the St. Lucy Center in Tainan.  Then, that evening we will hold the annual Beaujolais Nouveaux in partnership with the French Chamber to celebrate this long-standing French tradition.   Next, in addition to the AGM, our ACC “Extravaganza” Party sponsored by Lexus will be held on the evening of Saturday, November 18th.  On this evening, we will turn the entire Club into a party for everyone including plenty of food from around the world, free flow beverages, two bands and dancing, and a huge variety of games and activities to entertain the children and parents alike.  Then at the end of November, we will look forward to our Thanksgiving dinner of turkey, dressing, sweet potatoes and many of the traditional dishes to celebrate this important American tradition.

As we approach this year’s AGM, I have received a few emails from Members regarding last year’s kitchen renovation, and I want to confirm that the kitchen renovation was completed within budget with an unused NT$12.5 million budget remaining.    The actual cost of the kitchen renovation project was NT$46.3 million (including construction, equipment and finishings) compared to a budget of NT$50 million plus a NT$10 million contingency budget for unexpected/emergency issues that funded the emergency expenditure of NT$1.24 million to structurally reinforce the building because necessary columns had been removed long ago during previous renovations.  And we want to assure all Members that we will keep all future capital projects within budget as well.

As a closing remark, I would like to thank all Members in advance who intend to arrange their schedule around our Annual General Meeting and Extravaganza Party on Saturday, 18 November 2017.   The Board puts a lot of time and energy into planning a solid future for the Club and your support in reaching quorum is an essential part of the Club’s governance.

We appreciate your support toward our ongoing journey toward the Best Club in Asia.


See you at the Club,


Todd's Digital Signature

Todd Bretzlaff
General Manager