General Manager’s Message

Dear Members,

I hope that everyone had an enjoyable Chinese New Year welcoming in the “Year of the Rooster”.  For the Club, we are ready to eagerly jump into spring with more Club activities, warmer weather and the initial phases of two large projects, Membership Controlled Access and the Renovation of the Multi-Purpose Sport Complex.

Management spent much of the winter preparing for these two main projects.  For the Multi-Purpose Sports Complex, the Selection Committee is in the final phase of selecting a contractor and we will enter final preparation for construction to commence in June.  And the Members Controlled Access System requires a significant amount of work, as it will present a significant change to the Members daily routine by needing to present a Membership card to validate Membership upon entering the Club.

The Membership Controlled Access System addresses a significant concern from many of the Members to ensure that ACC is only accessible to current Members, their dependent Members and their accompanied guests.  In simple terms, the system, which is planned to be operational in May, will include attractive control barriers that will be installed inside the main foyer next to the main reception desk as you enter the main body of the Club.  Members will need to swipe their Membership card over a card reader to validate membership before passing through the barrier.

In the coming weeks the Club will start the process to issue new RFID membership cards to all Members and Dependent Members 13 years and older.  You will be contacted by the Membership department soon to establish a scheduled period for you to come to the Club to update your photo and prepare your new Membership card.

Once the system is in place, children under 13 years of age will pass through the barrier along with a parent.  Members bringing guests will still need to register them but instead of registering in the manual logbook, guests will either need to be registered online using the ACC website, or at the reception desk using one of two computer terminals that will be provided there.

Once a guest has been registered into the system, the security or front desk staff will issue each one a daily guest access card that will allow them to pass through the barrier.  Guests will need to keep this card during their visit to the Club, as it will also be required to exit through the barrier when leaving.

The system will also include a visual verification as each Member’s picture will be shown to the security staff on a computer screen at the front desk as they pass through the system.  Further, the system will be able to monitor if individuals try to go through the barrier immediately behind another Member without swiping a card.

As mentioned above, each guest will be issued a daily access card used to enter the Club and then deposited into the mechanism at the barriers in order to leave.  This will ensure that all guests are properly registered as well as ensuring that all guest access cards are collected again at the end of the day.

Members will also need to swipe their membership card over a card reader in order to leave, which the Board recognized was an opportunity for the Controlled Access System to help monitor if Members are leaving young children or guests unattended within the Club.  This addresses an important concern, as some parents leave children under 13 years of age in the Club either unattended or supervised by a nanny which is against the Clubs rules and a sensitive issue to many members.

The introduction of the Controlled Access System will also mean that vendors and staff will no longer be able to enter through the main entrance, and instead will be required to enter the Club through other designated controlled entry points.  Access behind the front desk reception and near the elevators leading to the lobby restrooms will be restricted by gates to avoid unauthorized access.  Any guests waiting at the front lobby / foyer area that need to use the restroom (including the handicap restroom) will need to request the front desk staff to “buzz” them through in order to access the main lobby restrooms.

As both the Rendezvous Bar and the California Room are not within the main body of the Club, Members bringing guests to these areas will still need to manually register their guests in a guest logbook located in each area.  Once the Controlled Access System has been implemented and fine-tuned, the Club will then incorporate both these areas into the Controlled Access System in a later phase.

Please reference the section in this magazine regarding further points related to the Controlled Access System as we will be providing more information in the months to come to make this a seamless improvement in the exclusivity of ACC.  We appreciate everyone’s understanding during this important change to ensure ACC is exclusively for its members and accompanied guests as we continue on our journey toward the “Best Club in Asia”.


General Manager