General Manager’s Message

Dear Members,

The tender process is completed and we are excited to have commenced renovation of Sigis, Miami Room and the Children’s Services Areas. The selected tenders for design and construction are:
Designer Tender: LSDS NT$ 1,100,000
General Construction Tender: DCD NT$36,000,000
Total Contractual Cost: NT$37,100,000

Fortunately, the Board was able to keep this significantly under the approved budget from the AGM of NT$49,000,000 and the entire project should remain significantly under budget through completion.
Please refer to the posters and notices highlighting the affected areas of the Club during construction and the alternative access routes for Members to get to the pool and Fitness Center. The swimming pool will remain
available for use, although the Sigis deck and the entire length of building along the swimming pool will be blocked off to protect Members from dust and debris. Although Sigis will be closed for business, we will offer attractive promotions at the Terrace, Gyoson and Rendezvous to make the Club the place to be this summer.
During this time, management will be conducting extensive training with the Sigis team on the improved standards of service and cuisine to ensure a significantly improved dining experience in the new outlet. Our new F&B Director, with a wealth of experience in the F&B as Executive Chef for many of the best hotels in Taipei and Seoul, will help shift the focus in Sigis toward providing an improved dining experience with a more elegant, lighter and healthier menu which is consistent with the dining trends in the USA.

It is good to see the membership becoming comfortable with the controlled access and with our ability to ensure the integrity of an international private Club for members and their invited guests. With controlled access, we are now also able to much better ensure that all children under 12 years old are properly supervised by their parents or an adult Member while on the Club premise. We apologize that we were not more effective in monitoring this important rule in the past but it is good to hear the feedback from members that they generally see a difference in the behavior of the children and that the Club is a safer environment for all.

With regards to other Club Rules, we would like to also remind Members of the dress code in Rendezvous where flip-flops and tank tops are prohibited, diaper changing should be done only in the family change room, children’s nursery or the disabled washroom near the lobby. Talking on mobile phones is restricted within the Club premises (with the exception of designated areas) and Members must use headphones when listening to any audio devices anywhere within the Club. And all vehicles using the Club’s parking lot must be registered with ACC and any chauffeur driven vehicles are not permitted to park in the Club carpark during lunch from 10:30 am to 1:30 pm and dinner from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm.

With summer upon us, I also wanted to take a moment to highlight our upcoming 4th July celebration for real hometown experience that promises to be “Better and Different”. The preliminary children activities will still be held at the swimming pool but the main festivities will be located on the tennis courts. This year, the party will feature an authentic “Dixieland Jazz Band” surrounded by food stations preparing freshly cooked favorites to
make you feel like you are at a real American Carnival and we will have plenty of peripheral activities to keep the children busy.

And regrettably, we must inform you that after 30 years of faithful service to the Club, Vicky Huang, our Membership Assistant Manager, has decided to resign. Although we wish she would stay, we also feel so much appreciation for the lifetime commitment that she has given the Club and helping us on our journey toward the “Best Club in Asia”. We will hold a going away party for Vicky on Friday, June 29th at 3:00 pm in the San Francisco Room.
You are welcome to join us in wishing Vicky the very best with retirement after 30 years of being an active part of so many members’ lives.

We look forward to a busy summer and many improvements in the Club as further strides towards our vision of being the “Best Club in Asia”.

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to seeing you at the Club!!!!



Todd's Digital Signature

Todd Bretzlaff
General Manager