Game Room

– According to 2018 Redesign Project in Game Room, the renovation will commence on Monday, June 4 to the end of August, Sigis is closed temporarily during this period of time. –

For pre-teens and teens, we have a Game Room with an exciting array of traditional and computer-based games.

Facilities include two Wii home video game consoles and an X-box and PS3 video game console as well as Table Football and Air Hockey.

Operating Hours: 09:00 ~ 21:00 Daily

Please note that the game Room is not directly supervised by ACC Staff.

Game Room Rules and Usage Guide:

The ACC Games Room is intended to be a fun and stimulating environment for children. In order to help us achieve these goals we need to ask your cooperation in observing the following rules regarding its usage.

  1. Air Hockey, X-Box, Play Station and Wii games are located at the Fitness Center Desk for check out/check in.
  2. Please note that the Fitness Center closes on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays at 8:00 pm, therefore you may ask the Pro Shop staff or at the Member Services Desk for check out / check in from 8:00 pm ~ 9:00 pm.
  3. This room is reserved for members age 7 & above who are responsible for appropriate utilization and care of the facilities.
  4. Parents are responsible for the conduct of the children who utilize this room.
  5. Wearing of shirts and footwear at all times is required (no swim suits are allowed at any time).
  6. No food or beverages are permitted in this area.
  7.  Membership card is required to check out/in for each game.
  8. Limit is 30 minutes for each player.
  9. A monetary fine will be charged to the Club member’s account for any lost or damaged pieces of these games.
  10. Please note that supervisory staff or management may request the member or child of a member to leave the area due to misbehavior or illness… etc.