House Rules

Our House Rules are aimed at providing reasonable guidelines for members and their guests in areas relating to conduct, dress code, using our facilities and so on. Any infraction of the rules should be reported to the Club management for appropriate action.

However, the Club is flexible. If a satisfactory resolution cannot be achieved or if the management takes the view that a policy change may be required, the matter may be referred either to the ACC Rules Committee, Board of Governors (BOG) or Board of Supervisors (BOS) where appropriate.


Club Fee Attachment

Administrative Fee for Issuance of Day Pass  NT$30

Member Card Replacement Fee  NT$300

Club Guest Fees

Monday – Friday    NT$500

Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday NT$1,000

Nursery  NT$100 per hour

01 . Operating Hours

A. The ACC Board of Governors (BOG) determines Club operating hours with relevant input from Club management and may either review or change them whenever it deems necessary.

B. ACC hours of operation are routinely posted on the Club bulletin board and will also be published on a regular basis in both the Club magazine (ACCENT) and on the Club’s official website (

02 . Membership Cards

A.ACC Membership cards shall be issued to all Primary Members along with his/her spouse and each child of that Bondholder’s family who is twelve(12) years of age or older. Dependent cards may no longer be issued/used once a Bondholder’s marriage ends or when their child/children either turns 28 or marries, whichever occurs first.  Membership cards may also be issued to Guest Members and Honorary Members.  Membership cards are coded according to the following ACC Club Membership categories:  (a) Full Members, (b) Social Members, (c) Term Members, (d) Guest Members and (e) Non-Resident Members.

B. Every ACC Member must swipe their Membership card at the Lobby Controlled Access Card Reader at the access barrier when entering Club premises. If a Member fails to bring his/her Membership Card, they must obtain a “Day Pass” from the Membership Services Desk upon providing photo identification.  There will be no administrative fee the first time a Member forgets his/her card although an administrative fee will apply for subsequent day pass issuance (Please refer to the fee section attachment).  This Day Pass, issued with Member’s number, may be presented to various Club outlets upon request whenever charging items to that Member’s account.

C. Any individual may also be required to present a Club membership card, or proof of sponsorship, at any time while on Club premises, whenever requested by appropriate ACC Management or designated staff.

D. No Member shall permit another person to use his or her ACC Club Membership card or day pass as false proof of identity either for use on or off Club premises, for any reason. Violators shall be subject to immediate review for disciplinary action by a Disciplinary Committee duly formed by the BOG

E.Membership Cards are the property of the American Club in China (ACC or The Club) and must be surrendered promptly to the Membership Office either upon resignation, suspension, and termination or whenever the Primary Member enters into Absentee Status.

F. Membership Cards shall be replaced promptly by the Membership Office once it has received written confirmation that a Membership Card has been either lost or stolen along with payment of the established administrative fee.

03 . Guest Members

A. Guest Members shall be non-residents of the Republic of China, with the exception of those who may be designated from time to time by the BOG. Guest Members shall neither have the privilege of voting on Club matters, nor serve as a Member of the BOG or Board of Supervisor (BOS), various Board Committees, or any ad hoc Club Committees. They are not entitled to share in Club ownership of property or assets, and they are therefore not liable for any debts due and/or owed by the Club.

B. The BOG is empowered to decide the time length for Guest Memberships along with all fees and dues payable by Guest Members.

C. Applications for Guest Membership require only one sponsor signature from either a Regular or Associate Member. This sponsorship also establishes the sponsoring Member’s financial liability and responsibility for any outstanding charges incurred by his/her sponsored Guest Member.

D. The General Manager is responsible for reviewing and approving all Guest Membership applications and authorizing Guest Membership cards.

04 . Club Guests

A. ACC Members may invite non-Members to visit the Club provided that these Guests are accompanied by the sponsoring Member while on Club premises. To ensure appropriate Member family access and avoid overcrowding at preferred Club events, the General Manager retains BOG delegated authority to restrict non-Member access to Club facilities during specific times and/or to specific outlets or events.

B.  ACC Members are fully responsible for their Guest’s behavior and conduct while on Club premises.

C. A Member hosting a Guest must register his/her name, Club Membership number, entry date and Guest(s) name(s) in the online Guest registration system located at the Membership Service Desk  (registration of Guests may also be completed online, in advance, in the “Member’s Only” section of the Club’s website).  As already noted above, Members hosting Guests must be present on Club premises whenever their Guests are visiting the ACC.  Once the Member has arrived at the Club and completed the Guest registration, his/her Guest will be issued a Guest access card to access the Member Controlled Access system.

D.When leaving the Club, Guests must deposit his/her Guest access card into the slot at the access barrier to exit the Club.  If the Guest fails to deposit the Guest access card into the slot and the Guest access card is not returned to the Club, the Member will be required to pay a Membership card replacement fee.(please refer to the fee section attachment)

E. An unmarried ACC Member may invite one Guest on any day to the Club, as often as he/she wishes, without incurring a Guest fee.

F. If known at the time of entry, the Member should indicate if his/her Guest will be using any of the Club’s Sports and Recreations amenities of the Club which require a Guest fee. A daily Guest fee must then be “signed for” by the ACC Member (“host”) promptly when registering his/her Guest at either  the Membership Services Desk, the Sports Counter located at the Gym or at the Tennis Office (please note that a separate fee applies for all Guest’s children using the Children’s Nursery).  As determined by the BOG, Guest fees are currently required for Guest use of the following Club facilities: (a) the Swimming Pool, (b) the Fitness Center, (c) Tennis, Squash and Racquetball Courts, (d) the Nursery Center, and (e) the Sauna, Steam Room and Jacuzzi.

G.Only ACC adult and teenage dependent Members are permitted to register Club Guests.  This privilege is not extended to Club Members below the age of twelve (12).

H. The Club reserves the right to impose specific restrictions and other Guest policies governing special events, weekends and special holidays as necessary to ensure the enjoyment of the Club by its Members on a priority basis.

I.  Members may not bring ex-employees to the Club as guests for six (6) months immediately following the end of the ex-employee’s employment without the advance approval of the General Manager.

05 . Attire

To ensure proper health, safety and a clean, professional appearance, the ACC requires both appropriate attire and footwear throughout Club premises at all times. The Club maintains two dress codes (Casual and Relaxed) as described below. Applicable dress code is normally determined by the venue (i.e., rooms/areas of the Club) that Members and their Guests are visiting. Vulgar attire (e.g., attire with printed profanities as part of its design) is strictly prohibited.

Members or their registered Guests must wear proper sports attire whenever engaging in sports or other fitness center activities. Rules governing Fitness Center Attire are posted within the Fitness Center Facilities and may be monitored by Fitness Center Staff.

Soiled or sweaty sports clothing can cause offense to other Members. Members are asked to exercise consideration in avoiding dining in any outlet (with the exception of the Terrace Lanai) and using the elevators in soiled or sweaty sports clothing and are requested to change into fresh clothes before using the indoor areas of the Club.

Persons twelve (12) years of age or older are expected to adhere to all Club dress codes. Those under twelve (12) years of age should wear attire generally equivalent in formality. Common sense and courtesy towards fellow Members and Guests is essential. The following are recommended guidelines:

A.Dress Code Descriptions:

  1. Casual Attire – Casual Attire indicates clean, neat clothing that is reasonably suited to the American character of the Club including shirts with sleeves and closed shoes or sandals. Tank tops, Singlets, cut-offs, flip-flops, short shorts and exercise sports attire are prohibited.
  2. Relaxed Attire – “Relaxed Attire” may be more relaxed to allow tank tops, singlets, cut-offs and exercise clothing provided it is not soiled or sweaty.
  3. Swimwear – Swimwear is restricted to the pool area, the nearby the locker rooms. As a courtesy to other Members using Club facilities, the use of a cover-up is required whenever proceeding from the locker rooms, located near the Pro Shop to the Pool area.

B. Required Dress Codes for Club Dining Venues:

  1. Sigis:
    (a) Inside – Casual Attire
    (b) Deck – Casual Attire. (Swimwear and towels are not permitted at any time.)
  2. Gyoson – Casual Attire
  3. Rendezvous: Casual Attire
  4. The Terrace:
    (a) Inside – Relaxed Attire
    (b) Terrace Lanai – Relaxed Attire
  5. Club events: Casual Attire unless otherwise specified for special occasions and/or Club events (e.g., Easter, Mothers and Fathers Days, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, etc.)
  6. ACC Market – Relaxed Attire
  7. Private Functions – Members are requested to contact either the Banquet Manager (or General Manager) for detailed advice covering appropriate attire for the following areas:  Poolside, California Room, San Francisco Room, Miami Room, and the Chicago Room.

C.  Decisions made upon matters governing appropriate attire by the General Manager are binding.

06 . General rules for children

The ACC remains greatly concerned for both the safety and security of all its Members and their Guests. Therefore:

A. Children less than two (2) years of age must be accompanied by either of their parent(s) or a responsible adult Club Member at all times. To maintain proper hygiene, baby/infant diapers may only be changed in Club designated locations, including the Children’s Nursery, Family Changing Room and/or the washroom for disabled persons located in the Club lobby (that contains a specially designed changing table/seat for this purpose). Changing baby’s diapers in public areas is not permitted. Please request assistance from staff at the Membership Services Desk if you do not know the locations for any of these rooms.

B. Children from two (2) to six (6) years of age must be accompanied by their Parent(s), or a responsible Club Member at all times, unless that child is registered and placed in the Children’s Nursery, or attending a Club organized and supervised activity. Parents or a responsible Club Member must be physically present onsite whenever their child is visiting Club premises.

C. Children six (6) years of age or older are not permitted inside the changing rooms, locker rooms or rest rooms designated for the opposite gender even if accompanied by a parent or other supervising adult.

D.Children aged seven (7) to eleven (11) must remain under the direct supervision of either their parent(s) or a responsible adult Club Member in all areas of the Club, except in specifically designated areas such as the Children’s Playroom, Game Room, TV Room, Outdoor Playground and the swimming pool, or when attending a Club organized and supervised activity.

E.Children aged ten (10) and eleven (11) may be given special approval to be dropped off and picked up for Club organized activities, classes and / or lessons without parental supervision provided that the parents sign a consent form promising that the children will be dropped off and picked up immediately before and after such activities. The children must comply with all Club rules and not go to any other areas of the Club unless the necessary supervision, in compliance to the Club rules, is present.

F.To minimize misunderstandings over billing, children under twelve (12) years of age are not allowed to sign charge slips in any part of the Club, unless they have been issued a Membership card in their name or a specific “Letter of Approval” signed by their parents that will be kept on file at the Membership office (please note that Membership Cards issued to children under twelve (12) years of age will not access the Membership Controlled access barriers).

G.To comply fully with all local alcohol and tobacco laws, children under eighteen (18) years of age are not permitted use of either the Rendezvous or any other exclusively adult-designated Club facilities. As such, no children may either be sold or served any liquor (including beer or wine), nor allowed to use any tobacco products within Club premises.

H. Children under eighteen (18) years of age must be accompanied by either their parent(s) or a responsible adult Club Member whenever entering the Club’s sauna facility.

I. Children twelve (12) years of age and under are not permitted in the Club’s Locker Rooms unless accompanied by either their parent, a designated caregiver or a responsible adult Club Member.

J. To maintain both safety and proper decorum, “horseplay”, rough play, running in the lobby/hallways and loud noise are never permitted on Club premises. ACC staff are empowered by both the BOG and General Manager to warn (and, in potentially dangerous situations, to restrain) children that do not properly observe House Rules and staff will promptly notify parents (and/or responsible Club Members) for required assistance with corrective action. The ACC holds parents (and responsible Club Members) fully liable for their children’s conduct whenever they are visiting Club premises.

07 . Young members' conduct and attire

A. Game Room:  This Game room is reserved for Young Members aged seven (7) and above and they are expected to utilize game room facilities with appropriate care. Young Members must obey all rules posted in this room, and the ACC holds their parents responsible for the children’s conduct. Shirts and proper footwear are required at all times. No food and/or beverages are permitted in this area..

B. Children’s Playroom: Only children within a height range between 90-135 cm are permitted to use this area. Children under two (2) years of age are not permitted inside. Children must obey all rules posted in this room and their parents are fully responsible for their conduct. By contrast, footwear (beyond stockings or socks) is not permitted in this area. Shoes should always be placed on the shoe rack provided. Swimwear is not permitted. Moreover, parent(s) or an accompanying responsible Club Member must be on Club premises concurrently with their children, in order for their children to access this facility. No food is permitted in this area. Maximum room capacity is 15 children.

C. Nursery: Only children aged between two (2) to six (6) years are permitted to use this area. Children less than two (2) years of age are not permitted in the Nursery unless accompanied by either a parent or domestic caregiver. For health and hygiene purposes, children that are either not yet toilet trained or who are ill with a communicable disease must not be admitted. Children must be signed-in by their parent(s) or a responsible Club Member, who in turn must check back with nursery staff on their status at least hourly on a “sign-in” basis. Parents should inform the Nursery Supervisor where they may be located on Club premises at all times. Parents or a responsible Club Member must remain on Club premises in order for children to use this facility. Posted Nursery rules must be observed by all children and parents. In cases involving either misbehavior or apparent illness, supervisory staff and Club Management retain the right to request a parent or responsible Club Member remove that child promptly from the Nursery. Due to space limitations, the Nursery can only accommodate fifteen (15) children plus parents at any given time.

D. Swimming Pool and Outdoor Playground area: All Members must observe and obey posted rules in both areas. Children must follow all posted rules and their parents (and/or relevant Club Member) will be held fully responsible for their conduct. Lifeguards are primarily responsible for maintaining safety both in and around the swimming pool area. Therefore, the lifeguard’s instructions must always be obeyed. Parents must remain physically present on Club premises in order for their children to access these facilities.

08 . Smoking policy

In order to comply fully with local health regulations that strictly prohibit smoking within most closed areas, smoking is only permitted on the Rendezvous Deck and no other Club area.

09 . Dining Facilities

A. Club dining rooms shall be operated by either making advance reservations or on a “first come, first served” basis, with advance reservations maintaining priority. As a courtesy, reservations may be held by venue staff for late arrivals for a maximum time of twenty (20) minutes. However, the Club encourages all Members to inform restaurant staff promptly whenever their dining schedule changes.

B. Reservations for private breakfasts, luncheons, dinners and cocktail parties/receptions, involving groups of twelve (12) or more should be made in advance through the Club’s Banquet/Catering Office.

C. Special event reservations must be made at least two (2) days prior to the scheduled event. Members retain priority over Guests for reservations. All Guest reservations will be placed on a waiting list, subject to later confirmation. (This does not apply to single Members, who are allowed one special Guest to all special events.) Cancellation policies outlined above shall be observed for each event.

D. Hours of operation covering all Club dining facilities are regularly published both in the Club magazine (ACCENT) and on the Club’s official website (

10 . Food and Beverages

A. Members and their Guests shall not bring any food or beverages obtained from outside sources for consumption on Club premises. This includes attendees at private parties in function rooms, restaurants, poolside or anywhere else inside the Club.

B. All food and alcoholic beverages may only be served and consumed in Club designated dining areas.

C.To ensure proper health and hygiene, both food and alcoholic beverage consumption is absolutely prohibited in any of the sauna rooms, locker rooms, restrooms, fitness center, racquet sports areas, as well as all children’s and youth play areas.

D. In all Club areas, the minimum drinking age for any alcoholic beverage is strictly limited to eighteen (18) years of age or older. The Club reserves the right to request an identity card to verify the age of any Member and/or their Guests.

E. Child behavior in Club Restaurants: Children twelve (12) years of age and under must be accompanied by a responsible adult whenever accessing Club dining facilities. As a courtesy to all Members, parents are expected to maintain proper control over their young children and all children must act in a well-behaved, respectful manner towards all fellow Members, Guests, and Staff. With the exception of infants that must be assisted by adults, children should routinely be seated and accompanied in both the Club lobby and all restaurants. Children are always expected to walk quietly whenever they enter or exit the Club restaurants.

F. To ensure distinctive dining quality and timely service for each restaurant venue, the Club does not permit Members and guests to “cross order” menu offerings (other than desserts) from other dining outlets within the Club. However, a standard children’s menu is available in all relevant dining outlets.

G. Club Management reserves the right to charge a “corkage fee” to Members that wish to supply their own alcoholic beverages at private parties, but the advisability of charging this fee for certain occasions may be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

H. Use of mobile telephones and/or other voice-enabled computer devices is not permitted either inside restaurants or anywhere else within the Club except for designated areas. (See House Rule 25).


  1. Function rooms may be in demand frequently, and therefore all room reservations should be made well in advance. The ACC recommends at least seven (7) days before the event to ensure that a desired venue is available. The Club also retains the right to decide which function room is most appropriate for a specific party, typically determined by the size and time requirements for each function.

a) The Terrace: On a “First-Come, First-Served” basis.

b) Sigis: Lunch reservations: 12:00PM – 3:00PM, Dinner reservations: 6:00PM – 10:00PM

c) Gyoson: Lunch reservations: 11:30AM – 2:00PM and Dinner reservations: 5:30PM – 8:30PM

d) Rendezvous: Lunch reservations: 11:30AM – 2:00PM and Dinner reservations: 5:30PM – 9:00PM

2. As a courtesy, restaurant reservations may be held by venue staff for late arrivals up to a maximum of twenty (20) minutes.

J. Poolside Parties
Arrangements can be made for private parties utilizing the Club’s “poolside” area, observing the following conditions:

  1. Parties may be scheduled during evenings, typically beginning at 6:00 pm. Larger parties, that require longer setup time, should begin at 7:00 pm or later. Music is permitted.
  2. Capacity: The minimum number required for such a party is thirty (30) persons, while the maximum number permitted is one hundred and eighty (180) persons.
  3. Food and Beverages must be ordered in advance through Club catering services. All food and beverage services must be completed by 9:00 pm.
  4. To ensure safety for all poolside parties, the Pool Area will typically have either a section of the pool closed or the entire pool (depending on the size of the party) closed for Member use two (2) hours prior to the start of the function.
  5. Guests may access the Main Pool, if they observe the following conditions:
    (a) Guests must adhere to all regular pool rules and they must never be intoxicated.
    (b) The pool may be used beyond regular Club hours. However, the party host will be assessed appropriate fees for mandatory lifeguard services.
    (c) Members must advise Club catering services at least one (1) week in advance that a private party will be held poolside. Advance notification to all Members regarding a private poolside party will be prominently displayed both in the poolside area as well as in the main lobby.
  6. Cancellation charges: Please refer to “Cancellation Policy”.
  7. Confirmation of the number of attendees must be made at least seventy-two (72) hours prior to the event. The Club cannot guarantee additional food and beverages after that time.

K. Private Functions
Members may reserve the Club’s California Room and other private function rooms for private functions, meetings or events, as well as other Club facilities as approved in advance by the General Manager. The Club may charge either room utilization fees and/or other relevant minimum charges for the function to cover all necessary costs for making these venues available to either these Members and/or their guests.

L.Cancellation Policies
For function rooms previously reserved by a Member for a private function:

  1. California Room
    (a) If canceled prior to thirty (30) days before the function, no charge will be incurred.
    (b) If canceled between thirty (30) to twenty-one (21) days prior to a function, 50% of the room charge may be incurred.
    (c) If canceled within twenty (20) days of the function, the full room charge may be incurred.
  2. Banquet Rooms – San Francisco Room, Miami Room, and Chicago Room
    (a) If canceled prior to twenty (20) days of the function, there will be no charge.
    (b) If canceled between twenty (20) to eleven (11) days prior to a function, 50% of the room charge may be incurred.
    (c) If canceled within ten (10) days of the function, the full room charge may be incurred.
  3. Charges for Food Cancellation ordered at a Private Function
    (a) If food is canceled between seven (7) to four (4) working days prior to a function, 50% of the food charge for the agreed- upon Guest count may be incurred.) (b)If food is canceled within three (3) days of the function, the full food charge for the agreed upon Guest count may be incurred.

11 . Personal Employees

Members’ Personal Employees (domestic caregivers of children or adult Members needing assistance, and drivers) are granted access to the Club with certain restrictions for the purpose of performing their duties – typically childcare, or nursing care for Members or their guests with disabilities. Only Personal Employees are allowed to perform work for Members in the Club. Guests of Members are not allowed to perform these job duties as guests. In order to establish and monitor this distinction those entering the Club as Personal Employees will be:

  • issued personal employee cards
  • required to wear ACC identification badges when inside the Club

ACC understands that personal employees frequently enter the Club and are treated as family by Members. All who enter the Club — Members, family, guests and personal employees, will be treated with respect, despite the need for some restrictions on personal employees to make sure the Club serves its Members to the best of its ability. In addition, personal employees’ presence within the Club is regulated as follows:

A.  Domestic Caregivers (DCs) for children are not permitted within the Club premises on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) or public holidays with the following exceptions: DCs are allowed in the California Room to accompany families for weekend brunch; DCs are allowed in the following private event rooms (Miami, San Francisco, California) to accompany families for private parties; DCs are allowed in the Club on Saturdays that are official government workdays to make up for public holidays (bu xiu, 補假/ 彈性放假 ). DCs must sit with the families while they are in the Club dining venues.

B. DCs are allowed into the Nursery and Playroom, Game Room, Children’s Library, Outdoor Playground, Multi Sports Complex, Gyoson and The Terrace Restaurant, from Monday to Friday. (Please note that DCs are not allowed in the Rendezvous bar nor in Sigis.)

C. DCs are not permitted to use or be in the swimming pool, wading pool or the Jacuzzi or to occupy the lounge chairs by the pool.

D. DCs are not permitted in the locker rooms. If children or adults need the assistance of a Domestic Caregiver to shower or change, DCs are to use the 3 Family Changing Rooms by the pool.

E. DCs are not allowed to remain on Club premises without the Member employer also being present in the Club concurrently except by special arrangement with the General Manager.

F. For rules on drivers, please refer to Rules Section 31.

G. DCs may not purchase either Club Food or services directly. An accompanying adult Club Member must sign for all purchases.

H. DCs attending to any adult Member or child of a Member with disabilities, or a Guest that routinely requires assistance from that DC, shall be permitted to enter and remain present at all relevant Club premises without restriction, for the specific purpose of attending to that individual’s needs.

I. If DCs are in the Club during the week to supervise children in classes (swimming or tennis) they are to remain in the designated areas for helpers beside the pool area, playroom, and the tennis courts to supervise their children. Those designated areas for the tennis courts are the on-court covered benches; and for the pool / playroom area, the table seating by the pool. DCs are in the Club to supervise children and attend to those with disabilities and other spaces are reserved for Members.

J. Any special circumstances regarding Personal Employees should be referred to the General Manager in advance for an appropriate decision.

12 . Club Staff

A. Members and/or their Guests are not permitted to request Club staff to do personal favors, errands or perform special chores either on or off Club premises.

B.Members should not ever be directly involved in disciplining, criticizing, correcting, defending or supporting club employees or independent contractors in a conflict situation. All such concerns are HR matters and are the purview and responsibility of Club management only. Concerns, criticisms, and comments regarding any Club employee or independent contractor by a member should be directed to the respective department head in writing or the GM directly.

C. Rude behavior including any abusive language or adverse action taken against a Club employee by any Member or his/her Guest, Guest Member and/or their dependents (including via the internet / social media) will subject the offending Member to review and/or disciplinary action by the Rules Committee and / or BOG and a Disciplinary Committee may be established as necessary.

D. Club management personnel (including Captains and Security) are responsible for pointing-out rules infractions to Members, their Guests, Guest Members and dependents. If infractions are not immediately resolved or remedied by the offender, then the issue will be reported to the General Manager for further action.

E. Employees may not approach any Member, Guest or Guest Member to solicit funds, favors or gifts of any type while on Club premises. Any inappropriate approach or unauthorized request should be reported to the General Manager.

F. Ex-employees are not permitted to enter the Club premises (including as guests of Members) for six (6) months immediately following the end of the employee’s employment without the advance approval of the General Manager.

13 . Gratuities

A. Other than performance-related bonuses properly authorized by the BOG and Club management, money, tips or gratuities (including either cash or merchandise) should not be given directly to any Club employee for any reason.

B. Provisions can be made for individuals or companies to make contributions to the annual ACC Employees Party and/or the Lunar New Year “Red Envelope Fund” for employees. All such donations must be made through and recorded by Club management.

14 . Finance

A. All food, beverages and/or services purchases must be made by signed charge slips, with total charges billed to Members’ accounts on a regular monthly basis. Cash transactions are prohibited at the outlets; however, payments made by cash and/or credit card transactions can be accepted at the Membership Services Desk only .

B. Cash transactions are prohibited on Club premises, except for pay telephones, vending machines, electronic games and Club transactions that are handled by the Membership Services Desk mentioned above.

C.Parents of children twelve (12) years of age and over should inform Club management in writing whether or not they wish to authorize signing privileges for their teenage children in advance.

D. Billing statements are issued monthly to Members; on the 15th of each month for Members whose surnames begin from “A to L”, and at the end of each month for Members whose surnames begin from “M to Z”.

E. Members are responsible for informing the Club of any change in address and telephone numbers in writing to the Membership Office.

F. All Members accounts are due upon receipt of their monthly billing statement and required to be paid in full within thirty (30) days of the billing date. Any account past due shall be charged a late fee at an appropriate level as prescribed by the BOG.

G. Any Member who fails to pay such charges by the end of the second month (following the month in which those charges were incurred) is no longer entitled to credit at the Club and may find his/her signing privileges immediately suspended at the sole discretion of Club Management .

H.If any Member fails to pay such charges by the end of the third month (following the month in which charges were incurred), the General Manager will promptly request a meeting with that Member to: (1) Understand the circumstances causing non-payment and (2) Determine how these overdue charges may be resolved as soon as possible. If satisfactory resolution cannot be achieved between that Member and the Club, the BOG may either call upon that Member to resign or otherwise take such action as necessary for the best interest of the Club, including charging penalties to the delinquent Member, further suspension of Club privileges, notice to the Member of proposed expulsion or making other such arrangements as the Board of Governors deem appropriate.

I.In addition to monthly dues, a minimum purchase charge shall be billed to each Member. However, this charge may also be credited against food and beverage purchases at the Club.

J. Vacationing Members, who will be away from Taiwan for thirty (30) or more consecutive days, but no longer than three (3) months, shall be exempt from the required minimum purchase charge for that period, provided that written notification is delivered to Club management prior to their departure.

K. Members who intend to resign from the Club are still fully responsible for payment of applicable monthly dues and/or minimums until the General Manager receives their formal, written notice of resignation and the BOG accepts it, in accordance with Article VII of the Club Constitution.

15 . Club Property

A. Members remain financially liable for the cost of any replacement or repairs due to any Club property damage or breakage caused by themselves, their Dependants, their Guests and/or their personal employees. Members shall first be advised of said costs by Club management, and then these charges may be added to the Member’s bill as appropriate.

B. No Members or their Guests are permitted to remove from the Club’s premises any property of the Club, it’s employees, it’s vendors or agents without the consent of the General Manager.

16 . Liabilities

A. Members shall assume full responsibility for any damage to Club property, indebtedness and the conduct/behavior of themselves, their Guests and their Dependents

B. Except for cases of negligence as determined by applicable local law, the Club may neither be held responsible nor liable for any personal injury, loss or damage to personal property suffered by either Members and/or their Guests.

C. Taking legal action against the ACC is deemed injurious to the Club and will be reviewed by the BOG and a Disciplinary Committee may be established as necessary. .

17 . Submission of Comments , Suggestions and Complaints

A. Comments and suggestions should be referred directly to Club management or senior supervisory staff. Members are always encouraged to use “comment cards” that are routinely made available in both the recreation and dining areas (included in your chit folder). Suggestion boxes shall also be conveniently located in either the Lobby, Fitness Center and/or Telephone areas.

B. General comments, compliments or suggestions are welcomed and may also be submitted directly to Club management or outlined on “comment cards”.  Members are requested to not to take up issues directly with rank and file staff.

C. In the event that a Member wishes to submit a complaint regarding the Club or against an employee of the Club that is deemed to be beyond a general comment or suggestion, Members are expected to submit their complaint through the levels listed below. If the Member is not satisfied with the resolution of their complaint, the Member should escalate their complaint in writing up to the next level listed below.

  1. To the respective Department Head,
  2. To the General Manager,
  3. To the BOG / BOS,
  4. Through an Extraordinary General Meeting called in accordance to the Club Constitution.

18 . Disturbances

A. Members, Guests and Dependents must respect the rights and privileges of all other Members and their Guests, and shall not create a disturbing atmosphere abrasive to other Members.

B. Members and/or their Guests, who appear to be intoxicated to the point of potentially creating a public disturbance, shall be promptly and politely requested to leave all Club premises. To ensure safe travel home, taxi transportation can easily be arranged by Membership Service Desk staff. To comply fully with relevant local regulations, ACC management and staff reserve the right to refuse alcoholic beverage service to Members or their Guests whenever necessary. Alcoholic beverages must never be sold nor given to anyone under eighteen (18) years of age.

C. Neither physically violent nor verbally abusive behavior is ever acceptable. Regardless of precipitating circumstances, the BOG, BOS and Rules Committee will deal very strictly with all instances of unacceptable behavior.

19 . Advertising

Advertising materials, posters, commercial displays and other promotional items must be reviewed and authorized by the General Manager in advance of posting and may only be placed in designated areas. Bulletin Board Notices must also be given to the General Manager’s secretary for prior screening.

20 . Pets

No pets may be brought into Club premises at any time, with the notable exception of Members or their Guests who may require personal assistance from a “Seeing Eye Dog”, in direct compliance with ROC regulations.

21 . Photograph and Recordings

No person shall take photographs or make audio or video recordings on Club premises without the advance approval of the General Manager unless such recordings or photographs are exclusively for the private use of Club Members. Except where authorized by the General Manager for Club purposes, the consent of each person to be photographed or recorded should be obtained in advance. Strictly no images of the façade of The Club are allowed. This Bylaw does not apply to participants attending a private function in any Club function room.

22 . Sleeping or Napping

Sleeping or Napping is not permitted in the Club Reception Area and Library.

23 . Current Periodicals, Magazines and Newspapers

Current Magazines, Newspapers and Periodicals are for the Members reading within the Club and may not be removed from the Club without the permission of the Club Management.

24 . Private Coaches and Instructors

The Club provides a selection of Certified Instructors for all the sports provided within the Club. Members are not permitted to bring coaches and instructors from outside the Club to provide instruction for sports and recreational activities within the Club unless otherwise approved by the General Manager.

25 . Swimming Pool

All Members, Guest Members and their Guests must observe and obey the rules published herein, and posted in the Swimming Pool Area.  Swimming is only permitted while there is a lifeguard on duty.

26 . Racquet Sports

All Members, Guest Members and their Guests must observe and obey the rules published herein, and posted in the Racquet Court Areas.

27 . Fitness Center

All Members, Guest Members and their Guests must observe and obey the rules published herein, and posted in the Fitness Center.

28 . Library

All Members, Guest Members and their Guests using the Book must observe and obey the rules published herein, and posted in the Library.

29 . Hair Salon

All Members, Guest Members and their Guests must observe and obey the rules published herein, and posted in the Hair Salon.

30 . Mobile Telephones and Mobile Devices

A. One of the ACC’s fundamental missions is to facilitate “face-to-face” social interaction, so that all Members have an opportunity to converse with each other in a more relaxed, personal environment.

B. Therefore, the use of mobile telephones and/or equivalent devices (e.g., PDA’s, Blackberries, computer-integrated VOIP/IP applications like Skype, etc.) for phone calls made on Club premises is strictly limited so as not to disturb others. Speaking on mobile phones or other mobile devices is NOT permitted within the Club premises except in designated areas. The
designated areas are listed below and also identified with signage to indicate mobile friendly areas.
1. The phone area outside the bathrooms next to the main lobby,
2. outside the Main Club entrance,
3. outside the Children’s Nursery,
4. around the swimming pool,
5. at the outdoor playground, and
6. in the smoking area near the Rendezvous.

C. While within the Club premises, users of mobile phone and mobile devices must observe the
following etiquette:
1. Incoming calls must be set to “vibrate” mode.
2. When receiving a call, Members or Guests must move promptly to a designated area
and only answer their mobile phone or mobile device in the designated areas.
3. Calls on mobile phones and mobile devices should be kept to the minimum length necessary and voice levels should be restrained so as not to disturb other Members passing by.
4. Outgoing calls must only be made in designated areas. Comparable telephone
etiquette applies.

D. The use of the speakerphone function on a mobile device is not permitted anywhere within the Club’s premises.

No other electronic devices such as radios, compact disc players, cassette players, iPods, etc. may be used on the Club’s premises unless used with headphones and in such a manner as to not disturb other Members and their Guests.

31 . Parking Lot

A. All cars using the ACC parking lot must be registered with the Club, and prominently display a valid “ACC” registered parking sticker on the car’s dashboard or adhered on the vehicle’s front windshield.  Non-Members and Guests are not permitted to park in the Club parking lot, but may park in the RTI (Radio Taiwan International) parking lot, behind and adjacent to the Club, on weekday evenings after 6:00 pm, and on weekends and holidays from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm.  Any vehicles parking in the RTI parking lot must either have a valid “ACC” registered parking sticker or a temporary parking sticker for RTI parking (which must be obtained from the Club attendant and given to RTI security staff).  All cars should exit the RTI parking lot prior to 11:00 pm closing time. Neither ACC nor RTI bear responsibility nor liability for cars parked within either parking lot.

B. All chauffeur-driven automobiles must park outside the ACC parking lot between 10:30 am to 1:30 pm, and 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm daily (or at the discretion of the parking lot attendant), and on “Any Occasion” when requested to do so by an ACC parking attendant.

C. During peak use hours (see “B” above), chauffeur-driven automobiles will be directed to drop their passengers off at the front entrance to the Club, and then proceed to street parking.

D. Chauffeurs must obey instructions from the ACC parking lot security staff at all times. Any chauffeur that either attempts to intimidate parking lot security staff or disregard parking lot rules will be reported by their vehicle’s license plate number to Club management for reprimand. Owners of these vehicles will strictly be held responsible for their chauffeur’s behavior. Inappropriate behavior of any kind will not be tolerated and continued disregard of these regulations will result in disciplinary action being taken against the offending Member.

E. For safety reasons, when any vehicle drops a passenger off at the main entrance to the Club, it is STRICTLY PROHIBITED FOR THAT VEHICLE TO “BACK UP” THE ONE WAY DRIVEWAY TO PARK IN THE PARKING LOT. All vehicles must follow traffic flow direction signs and signals (arrows) painted within the ACC parking lot.

F. Members must inform the Security or Front Desk Receptionist if it becomes necessary to leave a registered vehicle in the Club parking lot over night.

G. Vehicles illegally turning left out of the Club’s porte-cochère will be reported to the police.