About the ACC Website

Website Overview

Welcome to the ACC website. This site provides an overview of the American Club Taipei to those who want to find out more about it, but it is also a rich source of information and features for the Club’s Membership. Visitors to the site will find a great deal of information about the Club, but Members who log in will have access to a lot of additional information and features.

Color-Coding & Theme Icons

To make it easier to find the information that you are most interested in each area of the Club has its own menu color and icon. The informational pages on the site relating to that area of the Club and its related news, events and promotions all follow this theme. You will see this theme adopted as the the overall page color scheme, as an icon, or as a colored corner depending on what context a particular item is shown in.

Sports & Fitness Icon & Color Theme

Sports News

Event Indicator

 Sports or Fitness-Related 

Calendar Entry


In the samples above you can see how items relating to Sports & Fitness are indicated. Note that on the sample calendar entry the main color theme and first icon indicate that this is primarily a sports or fitness event – but the additional green ‘Youth & Children’ icon indicates that this item might also be of interest to children or families.  A full color scheme key is included lower in this help page.

Site Design

The ACC website is designed to adapt automatically according to the size of device screen you are using – but the full site content is available regardless of the type or size of device you use.

Home Page

The ACC Home page is designed to provide you with a quick and convenient snapshot of what is currently happening at ACC. You can go directly to the Home page at any time by clicking or tapping on the main ACC Logo at the top of your browser screen. Scroll down the Home page to see a variety of useful informational sections:

News & Events

By default this shows a selection of recent items, but you can also filter by specific subjects. Click or tap on the black downward arrow next to the NEWS & EVENTS’  title to see a drop-down list of filter options. You can also follow the ‘more’ link to see all site listings of the type selected.

Current Promotions

A selection of promotions that are active currently. Click or tap the ‘more’ link to see all the Club’s current active promotions.

This Week At ACC

A snapshot of the events that are happening here at ACC within the next 7 days. Following any of the item links will take you to full details about that item. Clicking or tapping on ‘more’ will also take you to the Club Calendar where you will find a full listing of all the Club’s happenings in a choice of standard calendar views.

Logging In to the Site

If you are an ACC Member you will have received a login account (if not find out how to get a login account here).  To log in us one of the following methods:

1. On large-screen devices you will find a ‘MEMBER LOGIN’ flag at the top right of your screen. Clicking on that will take you to the login page.

Header-Member Login


2. On smaller screen devices you can log in by tapping on the icon indicated here: Small Device Icons - Log In


3. On any device you can also find a ‘MEMBER LOGIN’ link on the ‘MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS’ menu. Following that link will also bring you to the same login page (note that the menu may look different depending on your device size, but the contents will be the same) :

Log In From Menu


Once logged in you will be reminded of this by the following status message which appears in the upper are of each page:

Logged In Status Message

There are several ways provided for logging out, but the easiest one is simply to click on the ‘Log Out‘ link that appears next to your ‘logged in’ status message.

Once Logged In

Once you have logged in to the site you will have access to the ‘Members-Only’ section of the site which you can get to any time you’re logged in by clicking on the top-right flag icon – which has now changed to say ‘MY ACCOUNT’:

Header-My Account

… or by tapping on the 3rd icon of the smaller device view, which has also now changed to a ‘Member’ icon:

Small Screen - Logged In

The links on the ‘MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS’ menu also change once logged in and again provide an alternative way of accessing the Members-Only section (as well as logging-out). Clicking or tapping on the ‘MY ACCOUNT DASHBOARD’ link will take you to the default page within your My-Membership section:

Membership Benefits Menu Logged In Links

What can I find Once Logged In?

ACC Members are encouraged to log in when using the site, as this will reveal a lot of additional information and features. Logged-in Members can access the additional ‘Members-Only’ section of the site, but also have access to many additional pages throughout the site, and to features such as online booking. When finished using the ACC website always remember to log out.

Members-Only Section

This is a special additional part of the site which is access via the links described above. In the section you will find:

  1. My Account Dashboard – think of this as your own mini ACC Home Page where you will find a snapshot of your ACC account and direct access to your current online bookings. More features will be added to this page in coming releases. 
  2. Transaction History – review your account transactions from the past 12 months.
  3. My Personal Profile – review and amend your personal details and preferences.
  4. Fitness Class Schedule – now accessible from the main site menu, but provided here too for continuity with the previous site design.
  5. Current Bookings – direct link to your current online bookings.
  6. Member Search

Navigating Around the Site

A number of navigation methods can be used to move around the site and find the information you need.

  • Menus
  • Site Search
  • Club Calendar
  • Home Page Direct Item Links
  • Sitemap

Main Site Menu

The site’s main menu will take you to any of the main site pages. On the  ‘large screen size’ version of the site you will find a standard website menu bar at the top of your screen.

On smaller device screens the top of your page will look like this:

Small Device Icons - With Logo

The four circular icons have the following functions:

  1. Site Search – tap to enter your search criteria
  2. Site Menu – tap to reveal the menu
  3. Log In – tap to enter your username and password and log in as an ACC Member
  4. ACC’s facebook Page – tap to see ACC’s latest news on facebook

Tapping on the 2nd icon displays the main menu.  Tap on any item to expand out that item’s page links. Tapping on the same main menu item again collapses the menu, and tapping on a detail line will navigate you to that page.

Small Screen Menu

Small Screen Menu – Default View

Small Screen Menu Expanded

Small Screen Menu – Expanded

Secondary Site Menus

Once on an inner page of the site you will see a lower level menu that will either be arranged a column on the left of your screen (for large devices), or as an additional ‘SUB-MENU’ drop-down list. This second-level menu will enable you to navigate among the pages within that particular section of the site.

Site Search

All pages are fully indexed – enter the word or phrase you are looking for and click or tap on the magnifying glass icon to see a list of matching items. Those items might be standard informational pages, or listings of events, news or promotions. Click on any of the links provided to view that page.

Club Calendar

If you are interested in items on a particular date, or know that what you are looking for is a date-related event you may find the Club Calendar to be a convenient method of navigation. By default only Club Events and Notices are displayed on the the calendar, but you can also use the filter options provided to narrow down your search or also show different types of items such as Promotions and Fitness Classes. On larger screen devices you can also switch between Month Week and Day views. Click on any calendar entry to see the related detail page.

Home Page Direct Item Links

The Home page is designed to provide direct access to sections of the site and/or to particular news and event items. Scroll down to the lower section of the Home Page to explore the options provided there.


On larger device screens scrolling down to the bottom of any page will take you to a site map listing all main pages within the site.

Detailed Help Pages

Look out for the “Help” button which appears at the top right corner of many pages – clicking that will take you to a dedicated help page for that part of the site.


 Full List of Site Color Schemes & Icons

  Icon & Color Theme

News & Event


Dining & Banquets DINING  DINING
Membership Benefits  MEMBERSHIP
About Us  ABOUT

Browser Compatibility

We have aimed to provide support for as broad a range of browsers and versions as possible, however a small number of older browsers may not support all the ACC website features. When using these browsers you may see the following message, and we recommend that you switch to using a different browser in order to enjoy our website fully. Two examples of unsupported browsers are Internet Explorer 6 and Opera Mini.