Personal Training & Massage

At the Fitness Center we have a number of highly qualified and experienced staff who can provide a program of training or treatments personalized to the needs of each individual.

Personal Training

Each ACC trainer has his or her own area of specialty, so you are sure to find an expert that can build the right training program for your individual needs. Call the Fitness Center, or ask at reception about the range of training options and packages ACC can offer.

Manipulation & Sports Massage 

Our ACC experts offer a wealth of experience in sports-related massage and manipulation techniques. ACC Our purpose-built massage rooms ensure that your treatment is carried out in a relaxed and comfortable environment.

We are proud to say that our two ‘Rolfing’ instructors are the only two people certified to offer this service in Taiwan. The power of touch or ‘Rolfing’ is the name given to Ida Rolf’s system of manipulation – considered to be unequaled in its ability to dramatically alter a person’s posture.

Other Personal Fitness Instruction

The following private fitness sessions are also available by appointment:

  • Ballroom Dance
  • Latino Dance
  • Martial Arts / Self Defense
  • Mat Science
  • Personal Training
  • Pilates

Please call the Fitness Center direct on (02)2885-3702 for more details!

Personal Trainers