Jimmy Kuo

Personal Trainer

Better Life Quality

Long sitting and heavy use of 3C products are the common issues of people living in the highly electronic lifestyle. As a personal trainer, I am aiming at improving people’s life quality through orderly workout, reducing weight and increasing muscular endurance.

I was a basketball athlete in school and then a personal trainer and coach, including tailor made programs for corporates, for over 10 years. The non-stop learning by attending workshops and conferences in Taiwan, China and Thailand for advanced healthcare knowledge equips me well with good tools to bring better life quality to people.


2014-now Freelance Personal Trainer
2011-2013 ACC Instructor , Master Trainer of ACE
2009-2010 U.S. NSPA Athletic Trainer, Suspension Trainer, STC
SMSTC, FTC,TRX, Rip Trainer, RTC, TRX, Kettlebell Instructor
2007-2009 ECU college Instructor, Australia
2005-2006 personal Trainer in fitness


Master Trainer ACE coach in Taiwan
Personal Trainer, American Council on Exercise
Australia REHAB TRAINER Rehabilitation Trainer
U.S. NSPA Athletic Trainer
Suspension Trainer, STC, SMSTC,FTC TRX
Rip Trainer, RTC, TRX
Kettlebell Instructor
FMS certificate