Multi-Purpose Sports Complex (MPSC) Rules

The following Policies are in accordance with ACC’s House Rules 

  • Appropriate sports attire and shoes must be worn at all times ( no swimsuits or blue jeans ).
  • No food or beverages are allowed.
  • Smoking is not allowed.
  • The mobile phone can be used outdoors only.
  • Only an ACC Trainer is allowed to coach at the Center.
  • A monetary fine will be charged to the responsible Club member’s account for any lost or damaged sports equipment and damage to Club property.
  • ACC’s supervisory staff and Management have the full authority to request the member or child of a member to leave the court area due to misbehavior or failure to cooperate in observing the rules.


First Floor Facilities: Two Squash Courts. Multi-Sports Court. Table Tennis

Age Requirements:
Children under 12 years are required to have parental supervision at all times unless attending ACC organized or activities supervised by an ACC Trainer.

House Rules:

  • Court key is located at the Pro Shop Desk for check out / check in.
  • The court can be booked through the On-Line Booking System or telephone the Pro Shop.
  • Booking Policy per Membership Family or Group :
  • Monday to Friday: Each booking is for two hours per day ( can be booked back to back or separated within the same day ).
  • Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays: Each booking is only for a maximum of one-hour per day.
  • No grabbing of the basketball net or hanging on the rim.

Second Floor Facilities: Functional Training Center ( FTC )

Age Requirements
Children under 16 are not allowed to use the Center unless attending ACC organized or activities supervised by an ACC Trainer.

The Center will be reserved for the following Group Fitness Classes – no other users will be allowed to enter.

Please check with the Fitness Center Staff for the schedule of the Classes.