Vincent Wang

Personal Trainer

Here I am.

I will transform your daily life style into a high metabolic and fat burning body life style. Most of the time we think gym workouts must be a very tough thing with super high intensity stuff. However, I train myself in a very 3H (Highly Effective, Happy, Healthy) condition. Science has already proved that an appropriate intensity exercise will make you healthier and give you a better body shape.

Having a bachelor degree in Chemistry I love to explain workouts and training in a scientific way. I will help you with ideas and explanations why you need this particular exercise and stretch. Your training is all tailored.

Last but not least, definitely it is my honor to give you an easy and effective workout. Your training intensity will be neither hard nor too easy – just moderate. My training methods work and you will be the next one to prove it.


Certification :

NSCA® (National Strength and Conditioning Association®)
Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist® (CSCS®)
Suspension Group Class Radical FF( Factor F) Certificated
International Kids Yoga Association
KBC Level 1
MET Level 2
MET Level 1
Trigger Point – SMRT CORE
Level 1 -Foam Rolling: Principles & Practices
Myofascial Release Technique
Corrective Exercise Method and Practica