Small Scientist Class “Microscopes” – ages 6 to 9 (Expired)

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Location:South California Room
Cost:NT$800 (one adult and one child); Guest NT$1,000 (one adult and one child)

We open guests to register after September 15
Booking Starts:Mon, Jul 31, 2017, 00:00
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Our ACC kids loved Science Class so much! This time we will have lessons to teach children from 2-9 years old; two programs which include some original songs, great stories and some really cool experiments for ACC children and adults to do together!

Extra Adult NT$150/ Extra Child NT$800 -1,000

This is an interactive parent-child activity, so we require a minimum attendance of 14 Members (7 adult and child couples). The maximum attendance is limited to 28 Members (14 couples).

The world we live in is huge. How would that world look if you were the size of an ant? Join us in Darwin program – Microscopes as we explore the world around us up close. With easy to use LCD microscopes, we will look closely at things like money, our bodies, insects, how colors mix in liquid, and some simple chemical reactions.
We’ll find out who is good at seeing the bigger picture, when Dr. Sparks challenges the junior scientists to identify some everyday items. Sounds easy, but we’ll be looking at things that we see every day in a whole new way. Finally, Dr. Sparks has created a microscope scavenger hunt that will challenge teams to work together to unlock the hidden clues.

Darwin program is targeted for elementary school students. Our Darwin program create a fun, hands-on, English science club environment to keep kids thinking and learning. What they don’t understand with their ears, they will understand with their eyes and hands. Join us in this “Microscopes” program and see the world like you have never seen it before!


Learning Objectives 

  • Become familiar with the parts and functions of a microscope
  • Visual Disclosure – Identify items by looking at 1 small part of it
  • Teamwork – Work together with a team to conduct microscope experiments
  • See that things can look quite different when we look closely at them
  • Experiments:
    Money, Money, Money – Find key features of money from around the world that keep people from copying it.
    Explosive Reactions – Observe what happens when you mix vinegar and baking soda under a microscope
    Micro-scavenger Hunt – Follow tiny clues under your microscope to unlock the mystery code.

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Dr. Sparks from Dr. Sparks Junior Scientist Club

Dr. Sparks Junior Scientist Club is a creative team of EDUtrainers who is raising the bar for children’s educational entertainment in Taiwan. We are creating music, TV shows and live shows for both native English speaking and local ESL kids. Children’s music composer and EDUtainer, Brian “Funshine” Alexander, and Kenn Sparkles” Loewen from World Family have over 25 years of combined experience entertaining and educating kids in Taiwan. Dr. Sparks Junior Scientist Club offers a multicultural understanding to all the shows and programs we create.


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