2017 Extravaganza – Superheroes (Expired)

Date & Time:
Cost:Members NT$650 (early) / N$850 (standard)

Adult Guests NT$1,050(early) / NT$1,250(standard)

Children NT$480(early) / NT$680(standard)

Above prices do not include the 10% service charge.

Tickets can be purchased at ACC’s Front Desk NOW!
This event does not count toward your F&B Monthly Minimum Amount.


– Superheroes – Dress up as the Superhero you like the most

ACC’s biggest and most fun-filled event of the year! Come to this year’s Extravaganza and let ACC show our appreciation for your strong support toward the AGM and throughout the YEAR!

*Early Bird: Members who are eligible to vote must “submit a ballot” and an “attendance form” for AGM and purchase tickets by Nov 15!!


You will enjoy…

  • Free flowing wine and an international buffet
  • Fantastic Live Entertainment from Skaraoke and Dread Rider
  • Opportunity to win an airline ticket and Lexus Prizes
  • A great opportunity to gather with friends and kids

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Kids will enjoy…

  • Remote-Controlled Cars
  • Lexus Mini Cars
  • Bubble Man and Show
  • Super Hero Performance & Games
  • Bouncy Castles, Balloon Twister
  • Face Painting, Tattoo and Henna
  • Cotton Candy and lots of food
  • Lexus 3 challenges and win a prize …..and more!!

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201611121420160291  2017 Lexus mini car


– Please vote and buy your tickets at the Front Desk

– Note: Cancellations without penalty must be received before 6:30 pm, November 15.

– 10% service charge will be added to above prices. This event is not included under ACC’s minimum charge policy.


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* Members who are eligible to vote must have submitted their “attend form” for the November 18 AGM before making their booking and submit their ballot on or before the date of the AGM.

* For more information or details, please contact Event Team at 02 2885-8260 ext. 488 or email to  marcom@americanclub.org.tw