Lobby Controlled Access System will be Activated on – Tue, Dec 5 (Expired)

Date & Time:
Location:ACC Lobby

We are pleased to announce that our new Lobby Controlled Access System will be activated on the morning of Tuesday, December 5.


Remember to Carry Your Access Card!

From Tuesday, December 5 onward you will need to bring your new RFID-enabled ACC Membership Card so that this can be swiped at the Barrier Card Readers. If you wish you can also register your own EasyCard or iPass card (one additional card permitted per Member which must display one of the logos shown below) and once registration is complete you can choose to use either this additional card, or your ACC   Membership Card, to pass through the barriers.

Extra Card Type Logos



Guest and Personal Employee Registration – To Follow Soon
For a short initial period, Guest Registration will continue with the current sign-in procedure at the Front Desk Guest Sign-In Book. This will provide some time for Members to become familiar with the card swipe system. However, a follow-up date will be announced soon when Guest Registration will also move to the new “Guest Registration System”. From that time it will be required that all Guests and Personal Employees must be entered on the computer-based Guest Registration System. Each of your Guests and Personal Employees will then be issued with their own cards for entry to the Club.


As domestic helpers are restricted from entry into the Club on weekends and public holidays, Personal Employee entry cards will not be issued for domestic helpers on those days.