Gyoson – Jan and Feb Promotion

Date & Time:
This event will count toward your F&B Monthly Minimum Amount.

Seared Miyazaki Wagyu Salad NT$780

Miyazaki Wagyu Salad-2

Miyazaki Wagyu Teppanyaki NT$1,380

Miyazaki Wagyu Teppayaki-5

Miyazaki Wagyu Mini Hot Pot NT$1,280

Miyazaki Wagyu Mini Hot Pot-5

Sake Promotion

Kaiun Junmaiginjō NT$1,300/ bottle

Kaiun Sake

Kaiun is one of the most representative sake brewers in Shizuoka-ken, Japan. It uses the famous Yamada Nishiki rice to create a dry, yet light, mellow, and well-balanced flavor. Although it is classified as Junmaiginjō, it actually has the texture of Junmaidaiginjō. Recommended serving with grilled dishes or hot pot.

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