Sigis – Jan & Feb Specials (Expired)

Date & Time:

Special Dishes

Pan-Seared Sturgeon with Creamy Clam Sauce NT$680

Accompanied by Mashed Potatoes and Tomatoes.

月菜Pan-seared Sturgeon (2)


Sous Vide Duck Breast NT$450

Yellow Zucchini, Marinated Red Cabbage, and Wild Berry Sauce.

月菜Sous Vide Duck Breast (new)


Crispy Baby Lobster Risotto NT$920

Soft-Shelled Baby Lobster Golden-Fried with Turmeric Risotto.

月菜Crispy Baby Lobster Risotto (new)


Braised Lamb Shank NT$480

Red Wine Stewed Beef au Jus, accompanied with Carrots, Celery and String Beans.

月菜Braised Lamb Shank (1)

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