Children Science Class “Kitchen Science”- ages 3 – 5 (Expired)

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Location:South California Room
Cost:Member NT$700 (one adult and one child)
Guest NT$900 (one adult and one child)
Extra Adult NT$150/ Extra Child NT$700 -1,000
Registration for Guests will open after Thursday, August 27
This event does not count toward your F&B Monthly Minimum Amount.

Dr. Sparks from Dr. Sparks Junior Scientist Club

Dr. Sparks Junior Scientist Club is a creative team of EDUtrainers who is raising the bar for children’s educational entertainment in Taiwan. We are creating music, TV shows and live shows for both native English speaking and local ESL kids. Children’s music composer and EDUtrainer, Brian “Funshine” Alexander, and Kenn “Sparkles” Loewen from World Family have over 25 years of combined experience entertaining and educating kids in Taiwan. Dr. Sparks Junior Scientist Club offers a multicultural understanding to all the shows and programs we create.


Science is everywhere, and it’s so much fun to explore with our kids. Just go into your kitchen and you will find science in almost everything that you eat and every container that you open.
How can you stand on eggs without them breaking? Why are eggs not round? Why does an orange float, but sink when you take off the peel? How can you mix something sweet, something sour, and something bitter to make your own candy? Join the ACC science activities, packed full of experiments and interactive demonstrations.

Learning Objectives 
Understand that science is happening all around us.
Experiment with the strength and shape of an egg.
Observe how density can change if something floats or sinks.
Find out what is in orange peel.
Introduce acids and bases.
Experiment with a simple chemical reaction.

Walking on Eggshells – Test the strength of an egg
Floating Eggs – Change the density of water to make an egg float
Water String – Fill a cup that’s 1 meter away
Orange Appeal – See what orange peel is made of and how it makes an orange float
Lemon Juice Rocket – Make a rocket with lemon juice and baking soda
Fizzy Candy – Make your own fizzing candy



Extra Adult NT$150/ Extra Child NT$700 -1,000
Registration for Guests will open after Thursday, August 27

This is an interactive parent-child activity, so we require a minimum attendance of 14 Members (7 adult and child couples). The maximum attendance is limited to 28 Members (14 adult and child couples), so please register early to avoid disappointment – these classes are extremely popular!


  • Please note this event is involved with outside contractors, so please understand that cancellations can be made no later than 72 hours before the event to avoid charges.
  • This event is not included under ACC’s minimum charge policy.

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