Children Science Class “The Solar System”- ages 6 – 9 (Expired)

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Location:South California Room
Cost:Member NT$800 (one adult and one child)
Guest NT$1,000 (one adult and one child)
Extra Adult NT$150/ Extra Child NT$700 -1,000
Registration for Guests will open after Thursday, August 27
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Our planet, Earth, is just one tiny speck in the Universe. Before we can go and explore the Universe, we want to start by exploring our Solar System. What we know about the Solar System now is so different from what we learned when we were in school. Come join ACC Science Class – The Solar System.
We will introduce the 8 planets that make up our Solar System. We will learn their names, the major characteristics of each planet, how many moons they have, how long a day is on each planet, and how long a year is on each planet. 8 planets = 8 experiments as we tour through space and meet each of our planetary neighbors.

Dr. Sparks from Dr. Sparks Junior Scientist Club

Dr. Sparks Junior Scientist Club is a creative team of EDUtrainers who is raising the bar for children’s educational entertainment in Taiwan. We are creating music, TV shows and live shows for both native English speaking and local ESL kids. Children’s music composer and EDUtrainer, Brian “Funshine” Alexander, and Kenn “Sparkles” Loewen from World Family have over 25 years of combined experience entertaining and educating kids in Taiwan. Dr. Sparks Junior Scientist Club offers a multicultural understanding to all the shows and programs we create.

Learning Objectives
Find out what the Solar System is
Identify the names of the 8 planets
Explore the characteristics of each planet
Find out how many moons each planet has
Find out the length of each planet’s days and years
Perform 1 experiment or demonstration for each planet

1 – Mercury’s Craters – Observe how meteorite impacts change the face of Mercury
2 – Venus’ Volcanoes – See how the volcanoes on Venus make it a very hot place
3 – Earth’s Rockets – Launch rockets from Earth to travel to other planets
4 – Mars’ Atmosphere – Understand how Mars’ carbon dioxide atmosphere will make it difficult to visit
5 – Jupiter’s Storm – Make a model of Jupiter, focusing on its giant storm
6 – Saturn’s Rings – See how small pieces of rocks and ice can look like solid rings
7 – Uranus’ Methane – Find out how bad it would be to live in a methane atmosphere
8 – Neptune’s Chill – How cold is the coldest planet? Come and find out


Extra Adult NT$150/ Extra Child NT$700 -1,000
Registration for Guests will open after Thursday, August 27

This is an interactive parent-child activity, so we require a minimum attendance of 14 Members (7 adult and child couples). The maximum attendance is limited to 28 Members (14 adult and child couples), so please register early to avoid disappointment – these classes are extremely popular!

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  • This event is not included under ACC’s minimum charge policy.

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