Rendezvous Music Night – The Jz plus band (Expired)

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Booking Starts:Fri, Jul 19, 2019, 09:00
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Rendezvous Music Night – The Jz plus band

An experienced and diverse group of musicians led by the talented vocalist/pianist  Lisa Hsieh, will be performing at the Rendezvous. The band has hosted live performances and featured as the “house band” in some of Taipei’s finest live music venues. “Jz+” meaning Jazzy and “plus” meaning the additional other genres of music the group performs such as, soft pop, country, all-time classic  requests  and songs that keep the dance floor moving.

A warm welcome to Lisa Hsieh and the Jz plus band.

They are ready and set for another entertaining evening at the ACC Rendezvous!

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