Rendezvous Music Night – THE FLAT FIVES (Expired)

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Bringing back the early “Big Band” sounds!

This five-piece band will be performing “swing” and “roots” music that was created back in the early 1930’s from the American “BIG BAND” era.

During the “BIG BAND” performances in the 1930’s into the 40’s, audiences would be moving and twisting and foot taping free-style to the beat of this music. This distinctive dance style eventually developed and became very popular in the 1940’s, simply called “swing dance”.

Following the American “BIG BAND” era, Roots music was introduced. This music style also being developed in the United States, had a various mix of sounds from early rock and roll, contemporary folk, rhythm and blues, and a hint of jazz.

Combine all these musical elements together, and we’ve got: “THE FLAT FIVES” live at the Rendezvous Friday Night Music.

Seating is limited.
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