ACC’S Home Delivery and Pickup Services (Expired)

Date & Time:

Food, drinks and groceries

are available for delivery or pickup!

As part of ACC’s continuing response to the coronavirus restrictions, the Club is offering Home Food Delivery Services and Private Catering Services. Both services are only available within Taipei City.

Home Delivery Service: Food, drinks and groceries available for delivery or pickup.

The Club will offer food delivery from Wednesday, April 1. Members can order their food at home by phone. Our food delivery service – Lalamove; provides fast, easy and convenient delivery of fresh food items directly to your home!

See below for ordering details, and enjoy the Club’s delicacies in the comfort of your home!!

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The Terrace

Delivery Service: 10:00~20:00

Phone: +886 2 2885-8260 #278


General Menu

Weekly Special ( May 4 – 10)

Monthly Special (May 1 – 31)



Delivery Service: 12:00~20:00

Phone: +886 2 2885-8260 #268


General Menu


Roast Beef Set Menu and Business Lunch Set Menu are not offering Home Delivery Service. It only offers dine-in.



Delivery Service: Lunch: 12:00 ~ 13:30 / Dinner: 18:00 ~ 20:00

Phone: +886 2 2885-8260 #258


General Menu

Bento Take Away

May & June Promotion


Daily Teishokuand and Sukiyaki are not offering Home Delivery Service.
It only offers dine-in.


ACC Market

Delivery Service: 12:00 ~ 20:00

Phone: +886 2 2885-8260 #238


Frequently Asked Questions - ORDERING

Q1.   How do I order the food items?

For home delivery and pick-up: directly with the outlet staff by phone or in person. Order from the outlet menu – staff will require name/membership#/address/delivery or pickup time and date.


Q2.   Can I order from more than one ACC Outlet?

No. Each outlet is responsible only for the order placed with them.


Q3.   Can I order for home delivery to a relative or friend? 

No. The Home Food Delivery is only exclusive for the ACC Member.


Q4.   What is the time limit for cancellations? 

No. Once the outlet accepts your order arrangements are made with our delivery company, pick-up and delivery schedules are coordinated and billings are processed.


Frequently Asked Questions - DELIVERY

Q1.   Is delivery available outside the Taipei City Boundary?

Currently no, but exceptions may be made depending upon the distance beyond the City boundary.


Q2.   Who will deliver my order?

Delivery to your specified address will be by a local company: LALAMOVE Delivery Services.


Q3.   Who should I contact if delivery has not arrived as scheduled?

Contact the ACC outlet where you made your order. If the delivery server has difficulty locating your address, the server will contact ACC who in turn will contact you to resolve.


Frequently Asked Questions - PAYMENT

Q1.   Are there minimum order values?

Not at this time.

Q2.   How will I be billed for home delivery and pick-up at the ACC?

Charges/payment for Home Food Deliveries (and Private Catering Services) are via ACC’s Monthly Billing System.

Q3.   Can payment be made by cash or credit card?

Charges for Home Food Deliveries (and Private Catering Services) will be billed via ACC’s Monthly Billing System.

Q4.  How are delivery fees gauged?

The size (kg) of the order will determine what form of transportation will be used for delivery.

Base prices will be:

20kg via Motorcycle.    NT$75

200kg via SUV.           NT$165

300kg via Van.            NT$450

1.75tonne via truck     NT$500

Additional charges based on distances:

  • 20kg via Motorcycle:
    0-1 km:+$0
    1.1-3 km:+$10
    3.1 km or above:+$15
  • 200kg via SUV.
    0-1 km:+$0
    1.1-3 km:+$18
    3.1-7 km:+$20
    7.1-20 km:+$22
    20 km or above:+$25
  • 300kg via Van.
    0-1 km:+$0
    1.1-3 km:+$10
    3.1-7 km:+$10
    7.1-20 km:+$20
    20 km or above:+$25
  • 1.75tonne via truck
    0-1 kg:+$0
    1.1-3 kg:+$20
    3.1-7 kg:+$25
    7.1-20 kg:+$25
    20 kg or above:+$30

For more details about the delivery fees, please click here for details.